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Thistle July 3rd 2020 09:17 PM

Future careers.
Hey, I decided to share some of my future career ideas, and I thought that this forum would be appropriate. I'm deciding to share them because I don't really know what I would enjoy most or what I would be best at, so feedback as to which one you would advice would be appreciated.

So the careers that I'm considering are: Detective, Astrophysicist, Astrobiologist, and possibly a Market research analyst.

- Spencer

Tigereyes July 3rd 2020 10:51 PM

Re: Future careers.
Maybe look at what interests you about each of those. Think about why. Research what you need to acheive to accomplish each. Does that process sound interesting? Is it realistic for you?

Perhaps also (informally) "interview" people who have or had those careers. Ask them what the job duties were really like on a day to day basis. Does this fit who you are and what you like? What did they like in the career and why? What did they dislike and why? What challenges have they faced that you might not expect? What would they do differently to pursue the same career? If they could start over at your age, would they choose the same career, knowing what they do now, and why or why not? (Researching questions to ask employers might help you develop further questions)

You know yourself best. Gathering information will be the best way to inform your decision. If you do not know people to interview, ask adults in your life if they know anyone who worked those jobs and if you can talk with them about it. Good luck!

Kate* July 4th 2020 08:26 AM

Re: Future careers.
I know nothing about astrophysics or astrobiology, but I'm guessing you'd be looking at a fairly high degree to enter that. To become a detective, you'd have to be a police officer first (I think), and market research would probably be the easiest on that list to enter into. That doesn't mean the others aren't possible, they would just take longer. Also, go to job websites and read the requirements for the kinds of jobs you want to get an idea of what credentials or experience you would need to eventually get hired somewhere. You have plenty of time though.

Dawn. July 6th 2020 03:10 AM

Re: Future careers.
Hi there,

I know how hard it is to pick a career that you will enjoy and want to spend a massive part of your life working in your chosen career. The only advice I can give you is researching into the different careers you would like to get into and even doing work experience in the different fields to see what you enjoy doing best. The only person that can decide is yourself. :)

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