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Work_In_Progress February 22nd 2009 05:27 PM

Dragonball movie.. *drool*
I know I will sound like such a fan boi, but last night I went to see that movie call Paul Blart: Mall Cop(funny but not that funny to be worth paying for it by the way), and during the previews they showed a clip for the upcoming Street Fighter movie, and when I thought iit could get any better, right after that ST preview they showed a clip for... DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION!!!

'ZOMGWTFBBQROLFLOLZZZ!!!!111!!!one!!111eleven!!!' is what me and a few other people in the audience said after the preview was done. I don't believe I was ever as excited over a preview as how I was last night. I mean I had heard that in japan they did some TV show of DB with real people(or maybe it was a movie?) and then I heard rumors about a DB north american movie being made but I thought it was only a joke or it was a fan made movie.

http://www.chronocompendium.com/Foru...t/icon_lol.gif Feel free to do this after reading my message. http://www.chronocompendium.com/Foru...t/picardno.gif

Hdjdjdjduvieg February 22nd 2009 06:14 PM

Re: Dragonball movie.. *drool*
I was excited at first...

Here's a link to a trailor: click

But after watching that, it doesn't even look like dragonball.. so I'm mixed feelings about it.

R.K. February 22nd 2009 07:08 PM

Re: Dragonball movie.. *drool*
I was disappointed right after viewing the trailor & realizing it is not even an asian production but another hollywood crap.

I am gonna go watch it, just out of curiosity

Paddy February 22nd 2009 08:06 PM

Re: Dragonball movie.. *drool*
Hmmm , First i've heardof it, i loved it a while back so im not sure, ill have to see first.

Joshie February 22nd 2009 10:10 PM

Re: Dragonball movie.. *drool*
i just went and watched the trailer

the-nirish-ninja February 24th 2009 10:18 PM

Re: Dragonball movie.. *drool*
This movie has had me wanting for many, many months, i am waiting in great anticipation for this.


Smitten February 25th 2009 02:53 PM

Re: Dragonball movie.. *drool*
There is already a video game based off the movie in production...
My opinion: This is destroying the series.
The timeline makes no sense, and does not hold true to DB or DBZ
The guy playing goku looks like he belongs on "The Hills" and in all honesty...
Piccolo looks like the green goblin
chow yun fat should NOT be master roshi.
Master Roshi:
1.is a perv
2.is never seen without porn nearby
3.will do anything to **** bulma
4.will **** pretty much any somewhat attractive woman.

No where in the trailer were ANY of these things referenced, it was like he somehow became mister miyagi(sp?) from karate kid.

The Ki attacks are weak and the martial arts looks kinda lame...
in the game there seems to be only a VERY limited use of Ki in general, and it plays out like a Virtua Fighter match. -_-'

Utter crap.
the only thing that makes this dragonball is the use of the dragonballs.
Thats it.
Plus, they made capsules into friggin Transformers.
A poof of smoke would have kept the fans happy and saves ALOT of money.

Worth seeing if you go in not as a DB or DBZ fan, but rather as just someone looking to see a action movie with no prior expectations. then MAYBE it will be a good film.

Hi_ImJordan February 26th 2009 01:07 AM

Re: Dragonball movie.. *drool*
I'm going to watch it, but it will terrible. Chow Yun Fat is a perfect turtle hermet.

KnightSniper February 26th 2009 01:26 AM

Re: Dragonball movie.. *drool*
Yeah, there's been talk of it for over a year now, and every time some new piece of news pops up for it, it becomes less and less likely that I'll ever bother seeing it.

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