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PeaceSoundsNice September 9th 2015 12:16 AM

Meme help?
Is the concept of a smold child am actual meme or did my friends just make it up? The definition that they have is a "fictional character who is older than you, but you feel very protective over. If they are younger than you, then it is a Small Child." (Example: I am so protective over Raivis from Hetalia it's not even funny. I guess that he's younger than me in human years, but... long story short, he's immortal so he's 400 years old or something.) Has anyone else heard of this?

Spoons September 13th 2015 06:19 AM

Re: Meme help?
I mean, I have never heard the term before, but there are so many terms out there I find it so hard to keep up, aha. I definitely have heard that definition before though because people can be totally protective of characters, regardless of age.

I mean Urban Dictionary defines 'smold' as small and old so I guess it makes sense?

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