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Skeleton December 25th 2010 07:51 PM

Guitar hero & ps3.
So, I've googled this and people have posted pretty much the same thing and everyone says it works but it won't for me so I'm hoping someone here will be able to help me.

So, I've got GHIII: Legends of Rock and for some reason, it just won't connect to my PS3. I've done what it say on the leaflet, I've gone onto the website, I've tried pressing all the buttons once, twice, holding them down and restarting it and leaving it, changing the batteries etc. but none of it is working. All it does is flash fast, then the second light lights up and then the rest will flash and then it's just the second light and then eventually, it turns itself off. So, it basically connects and disconnects itself repeatedly before turning off. As I've said, I've gone onto google and people have said what the leaflet said and things like pressing the PS button the guitar twice or holding them down at the same time and stuff, all of which I've tried with no sucess.

So, has anyone got any other ideas I can try or anything because I reaaaaally wanna play GH and this problem is bugging me.

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