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ShesNotThere March 10th 2011 09:29 PM

My hair is medium length dirt blond, but after I shower its very frizzy and poofy. I like my hair when it calms down, but it never looks shiny - always dull. Are there any products I could use that make my hair look shiny without making it oily? I already use leave in conditioner after I shower, it doesn't help. Maybe I should change brands? :/

Ngikhona March 10th 2011 11:26 PM

Re: Shiny?
I'm not sure what you're using now, but one of my friend's favorite lines for her very frizzy hair is Matrix sleek.look. Her hair is literally frizzier than you could imagine, but when she uses the Matrix line it's so nice and smooth.

One note about conditioning: don't condition your scalp. I usually only condition from about the bottom of my ears down. Leave your conditioner in your hair as long as you can afford. It's not a sin to only leave it in like 5 seconds if you're in a rush, but the more you can leave it in, the better. If you use conditioner near your scalp, your hair will get oily probably.

Also, if you're feeling like your leave-in conditioner isn't working, don't keep using it. Change and use something else. Matrix Solutionist leave-in is one of my absolute favorite leave-ins and it's a spray, which is really convenient for me since I'm low maintenance. I also really like Argan Oil that I got. It's on the expensive side, but I think it's worth the money since you can use it quite sparingly.

The products here I've mentioned are on the expensive side and I have no idea what your budget is like, but there are definitely options on the cheaper side if you're wanting to keep your wallet full. Dove products are absolutely amazing and some of my favorites. I'm using their Damage Therapy Intensive Repair Treatment Conditioner and it's probably my favorite conditioner I've ever used (and, trust me, I've used a ton). If you check out the Dove sight, it has a line for getting shiny hair. I've never tried it, but I trust all Dove products.

AmyIsLegit March 11th 2011 01:36 AM

Re: Shiny?
I used dry shampoo (which is actually supposed to make your hair not greasy), but it made it shiny/silky. I'd recommend that.

Eternal March 11th 2011 05:03 AM

Re: Shiny?
You could also try a hair glaze which is about $10 give or take a few. John Frieda has wonderful ones in colors that will make your hair more vibrant, and they have a clear one for any hair color:

There is also Clairol's shine happy which does the same thing:

Batman. March 11th 2011 10:44 AM

Re: Shiny?
As others are saying, a shine serum works wonders. A bottle of it may seem expensive, but you need the smallest amount for it to work.

I actually picked up some shine serum, I think it was got2b or something, but it was on sale for $5, down from $9, so I picked it up. Its really awesome, and my boyfriend loves how soft it makes my hair. :hehe:

So definitely consider getting some shine serum, and keep in mind that a little goes a long way, or else your hair will end up greasy.

Thurineth March 11th 2011 11:27 AM

Re: Shiny?
One trick my hairdresser told me was to blowdry your hair downwards (roots to tip) with COLD air.

Also brown paper over your straightners :)

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