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CorrieUSMC October 20th 2012 08:05 AM

My apologies to Chat room users

I would like to apologize to users of Chat rooms, more of those looking for advice. I'm not a type of person that will sugar coat things for you. I will not pretend to be nice if you don't deserve it. I will respect your sensitivity to Triggering topics and change the topic. However, that doesn't mean you, yourself get to talk why its triggering. Just say its Triggering and 99% of Chat room users will go to a different subject. Its kind of an oxymoron, for you to pull the Triggering card, then to just talk about it anyway. I apologize for my 'blunt' behavior, however if you ask for help for something and then won't say what's wrong, I can not help you, and I get frustrated. So again, I am sorry. If you come asking for advice from me, i will go the extra mile for you to try to help, but don't expect me to lie to you to make it seem right / feel better depending on the situation or get mad because you didn't like my advice.

Again sorry and Happy hunting. :hug:

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