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hopefuldreamer May 18th 2013 10:10 PM

Widespread bad luck!!!
So today has been crazy...
1) woke up having asthma attack
2) get to work pharmacist sugar drops and he has to go to hospital so we have to shut down the pharmacy.
3) every technician was sick at work but 1
4) still can't breath go to urgent care thinking I can get an antiobiotic and go back to work.
5) Sent to hospital from urgent care
6) while in chest x ray scanners start going off and code Delta is called ( this means local disaster gather all resources )
7) we have a local festival Trail Days, well an old man driving down the mountain had a heart attack and lost control of his car drove it through the hiker's parade injuring over 50 people.
8) hospital got crazy people that were already there were moved the badly sick like me were sent to different rooms people with broken bones and stitches and minor illness sent back out of rooms to the waiting room. triage patients coming in were placed in the few remaining rooms and also lined along the walls.
9) I got to leave but was advised to return if I get worse. I have viral pharyngitis, an upper respiratory infection, bronchial spasms, and a double ear infection.
10) good news is I weighed in at healthy weight finally XD
11) feel like I was hit by a truck. I am covered in band-aids from shots and attempts at IVs and have red welps all over my chest from the heart monitors.

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