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Why Me? Here is a safe space to let it all out, where you can rant about all the bad things life throws your way. Sometimes it just helps to ask "why me?"

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wolves_star Offline
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Angry I'm Furious At The World! - March 5th 2019, 03:22 AM

I am aware this is very long, but please stay with me.

Young people are so disadvantaged in this society. Children are groomed at a young age to believe that until they are 18, they are not competent enough for the most basic human rights, and so society labels all young people as hooligans and criminals. I'm 16, and have never committed a crime in my life nor ever intend to, yet all people care about is the amount of years I've been alive. They don't care at all that I'm an honor student, my school's cross country MVP, or any of the good things me or any young person does. People only care about teens when they're shoplifting, smoking, drinking, or doing anything taboo. Nobody cares about the teens who bend over backwards volunteering on top of going to school, playing sports, and working a job at all, nope they're more interested in the 1% of teenagers who are criminals, and this needs to end. Adults are enacting more and more laws and rules that teens have no say in whatsoever, and when they break them they aren't represented by a jury of their peers, no they're represented by a jury of biased adults who believe all young people need to be taught a lesson, because to them we're ALL crooks. This ideology is pure evil, and the only reason that curfews laws and ephebiphobia exist.

And don't even get me started on this thing called "respect". Treating people with respect is a great thing, but in America respect only goes one way. So many adults treat young people like garbage and demand that we bow down to them. Adults can be flat out be mean and nasty, yell, cuss, and sometimes even escalate to physical violence against young people, yet if a young person so much as says "you're wrong", they're out of control, mouthy, spoiled, and bratty.

Which leads me to the "spoiled brat" excuse that these bigoted boomers love to throw around. Apparently all young people are spoiled today just because we have access to technology now, and our parents don't punish us by using physical violence like a chimpanzee anymore. They use the excuse "my parents hit me, and I turned out fine" while in reality, they're not fine. They think that because they were hit by their parents, young people should be subject to corporal punishment, and this is just chain bullying. I'm glad that today's parents are turning against corporal punishment, and putting an end to the bullying. What hasn't been solved at all is the fact that adults seem to think just because we are financially dependent on their parents that they should have no rights at all. If you are a high school student, I'm sure you're well aware of how much homework young people get today. Factor that in with how much time teens spend in school, and that's about over 40 hours a week spent doing school work; and if you do a school sport like I do, that's over 50 hours a week. The average American 9 to 5 job is only about 40 hours a week, and they get to go home and relax, watch television, or whatever without a worry in the world WITH pay. Young people have to come home, study, work on homework, and will sometimes have some time to relax and enjoy life. But because of this, it's near impossible for a high school student today to work a job AND be a successful student and athlete. Because of this, students are forced to be financially independent, and this prevents young people from having the ability to achieve even a little bit of financial independence. So if adults would look at the facts, they would see that young people actually do MORE work. And to top that, most of the adults I have talked to have agreed working is far less painful than attending school.

Older people complain all the time about the music our generation listens to, and will even try to stop us from having access, and when oppression works it's way into the arts that is a SERIOUS, SERIOUS problem. Art is expressive, and a wonderful tool for escapism. I don't even like hip hop or rap music, but I do enjoy other new fads introduced to our generation such as anime, and I have been a very active member of the furry community. Furry art just makes me really, really happy, and has been such an amazing tool of escape for me. If somebody took away my happy place, I would be furious. Furry art is like rap music to me, it's unique to our generation, it's expressive, it's kind of taboo to older generations and nobody should have the right to take that away, or limit the arts whatsoever. Older people will use the excuse that "rap music isn't really music at all", but art is 100% subjective, and that is to be decided by the listener, and if they don't like it, then they don't have to listen to it.

And older people deciding what is and what isn't acceptable brings me to my very last point. Older people complain that our generation is so easily offended just because we aren't mean and nasty to each other. Bullying in schools is becoming so rare that I haven't even had an issue since early elementary school, and I don't think older people have figured out that bullying is going extinct yet. Our generation seems to be far more tolerant, and accepting of other people's feelings. And just because our generation doesn't tolerate negativity or bigoted ideas as frequently as previous generations did, we're just a bunch of "snowflakes". But as soon as gay people are allowed rights, girls show pride in their bodies with their wardrobe, guys show a little bit of their underwear, or somebody doesn't stand for a flag, older people go crying to their mommies. Boohoo!

So once again, I apologize for how lengthy this post is, but I really hope this opens some eyes. Everyday I go to school, go to track practice, come home and work out for a couple of hours, do my homework, and sometimes I might get about an hour to do what I want, and just relax. I'm 5 seconds away from making my school's cross country record board and am on the path of earning a college scholarship for running, and I am looking into going into software engineering. Don't get me wrong, I love running and can't imagine a world without it, but sometimes I think I would be better off just giving up on everything, and just becoming a stoner and a thief. After all, that's all that society thinks I am anyway.

-I also just want to throw in my parents are both wonderful people, and have raised me "free ranged". I love them both to death, and I could never even ask to be raised to better parents. I however do receive this treatment from other adults in my life including business owners, school faculty members, and even sometimes complete strangers. I also have met people that have been taken advantage of by their parents, and are just putting up with a toxic relationship until they are 18 and can get out.

Last edited by wolves_star; March 5th 2019 at 05:31 AM.
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Name: Emma
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Re: I'm Furious At The World! - March 6th 2019, 07:43 PM

Hello and welcome to Teenhelp. Thank you so much for sharing all of this with us all.

When a lot of people who are around you are shoplifting and doing drugs and other things like this, sometimes people assume that all teenagers and kids will be doing this or are going to be doing this. But it does not mean you are doing them or you are going to do them. You can be into sports and go to school, you can get really good grades and not be involved with the kids who are shoplifting or who are out doing things that are doing this kinds of things. It can be hard when other people put you all together in the same group when you are not like them. I'm sorry that you are having a hard time with this and I hope that you will be okay soon.

See what kind of sports your school has and see if you would be able to join them. Also if you are really good at one of the sports you are doing at school you could actually get a scholarship to College. One of my sister's friends was able to do this because she was in every sport. She loved playing so much and was picked. People really do care about sports, people may not see it around you, but colleges really like students who can play very well to and enjoying them at that school. Trying to think of a sport that you enjoy playing or try out for a couple different ones and see which one you like playing.

You we're saying that you have good parents. It is good that you have wonderful parents and have helped you out. When you have parents like this, would you be able to talk to them about what you are going through and you are having a hard time with this. Let them in on this and they would be able to help you to feel better too. I know that when we are going through something it can be hard to just open up and let someone else in, when we do we can get out all of what we are feeling and start to feel better soon. Would you also be able to talk to the school counselor or a favorite teacher who you get along with and tell them that you are having a hard time with this and they can talk to you and help you out. You never have to apologize for writing something. I hope that you will be okay soon.

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Celyn Offline
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Re: I'm Furious At The World! - March 6th 2019, 07:53 PM

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about society!

I agree that sometimes society can be really unfair to young people. Even though children are dependent on adults and it can feel like you have to wait until a certain age to be able to do things, I think that it can be really helpful for both adults and young people to talk and listen and even compromise. You are growing up and it's natural to want to express your views and have your voice heard!

Unfortunately, it can seem that society often only cares about things that are 'shocking' such as young offenders. It can be really hard to deal with adults who generalise teenagers as nothing more than trouble makers, especially when you and many others like you work so hard! And equally, many of these young offenders actually need help, not judgement. So no-one wins when people only focus on the bad.

Sorry to hear that you feel young people don't get treated with respect. Though it's natural for clashes between young people and adults to happen, no-one should be verbally or physically abusive.

I often hear that many people feel the young of today are spoiled with technology and no physical punishments. I guess from an adult's perspective, we may appear to have it easier compared to them, but there are also a lot of downsides to this too. And I agree- people who say they were smacked and it didn't do any harm, may only be perpetuating the cycle.

It is hard being a student and I guess this isn't recognised enough. That said, some may argue that though being in school is difficult, it may be worthwhile later on, a bit like delayed gratification, in that the hard work pays off. Though it would be nice if others could be more understanding of what it's like to be a student nowadays.

I think many times, people are comforted by things they know and dislike things that they don't understand. Some people may be rigid in their thinking and feeling. This may be why sometimes people, particularly older people, may look down on music, art and other things that come from the next generation. For them, they only know their experiences and some people may not be willing to open their minds to new things, more so if it's a complete opposite to their experiences.

I do dislike the term 'snowflake' and how it originated. I think it's great that people in general are trying to speak up for what they believe in, and what's right for others. That said, while you may have experienced less bullying yourself (which is great!), I'm sure that unfortunately it still happens quite often.

No need to apologise for the length of your post. I admire your passion and enthusiasm for wanting to spread awareness! You are doing so well for yourself, and I hope that you get to relish your free time when you can.

I'm sorry to hear that you recieve this treatment from other adults in your life (though glad it's not your parents!) and saddened to hear that you know of people who have been taken advantage of by their parents. That said, not all adults think or treat teenagers in this way. And the teenagers who do get noticed for the 'wrong reasons' (which some adults may unfortunately tar all teenagers with the same brush) often need help too.

I'm wondering if you have opportunities whether at school or in your are where you can speak up for young people's rights? I'm sure you would be good at it

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adults, arts, furious, gay and lesbian, gaypride, music, opression, parents, school, world

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