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Missy07 January 24th 2012 12:28 AM

The one time I stick my neck out....rejection!
I am so not one to put myself out there and stick my neck out when it comes to guys. And I did this for ONCE IN MY LIFE and I got ignored, which means rejection. :'(

I found this guy on facebook last week who I had a huge crush on back in 09 when we had a class together. It took me all week to build up the courage to send him a message on there. I finally did last night, just something generic, like "hey, I dont know if you remember me, but I think we had a class together a while back. Just thought I'd say a quick hello". And today.......no response :( From his multiple status updates, I know he's been on there since I sent the message. He just ignored me.

This is EXACTLY WHY I DO NOT stick my neck out and take chances when it comes to guys. Rejection SUCKS!!! I should know better than to get my hopes up like that, but I am so tired of being lonely so I thought, hey maybe I'll take a chance with this guy. Ya never know, maybe it could turn into something?? But like with all the other guys in the world, I am completely invisible to him.

Moyshi January 24th 2012 12:47 AM

Re: The one time I stick my neck out....rejection!
Hey there,
I'm sorry to hear that you didn't get the response you were hoping for. But honestly, you should be proud of yourself. You took a chance, and although it didn't work out the way you hoped it would, you still did it. A lot of people live their lives to afraid to take risks. The benefit of taking chances when it comes to love/relationships, is that you'll never be stuck with the 'what if' scenarios. People who never take chances will never know if something could have worked out.

You tried, and he didn't respond. It's definitely his loss, and now you can start to move on without any regrets for not making a move, you know? People complicate things way too much, and I find life is best when you make it simple. If you like someone, take a chance and tell them. Don't beat yourself up over this, and don't let it stop you from taking risks in the future. Like you said yourself, you never know if it could turn into something more!

Take care. :]

Missy07 January 24th 2012 01:06 AM

Re: The one time I stick my neck out....rejection!
Thank you, moyshi.

You make a lot of good points and I agree with you about the taking chances thing. At least I know. But it's hard not to be bummed out by rejection, though. I mean, that's exactly Why I've never taken a leap like that before...albeit a small one.

BDF January 25th 2012 03:26 PM

Re: The one time I stick my neck out....rejection!
lol rejection. Story of my life. If they reject you, reject them back... by just totally not giving a shit about such people.

I do it, and it gives me peace of mind. Makes me feel like I'm even with them, and I've sort of grown to enjoy it. I'm a screw-up like that.

I also grow to reject people if they keep expecting favours from me, yet I get very little payback for it. Eventually I tell them to get lost... it's not going to be a one way street.

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