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Closed Thread
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Coffee. Offline
Condom Queen
TeenHelp Addict
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Name: Traci
Age: 26
Gender: she/her/hers
Location: North Carolina

Posts: 8,147
Blog Entries: 639
Join Date: October 29th 2009

How are you weird? - May 19th 2012, 04:24 AM

I thought this would be fun. Name ten weird facts about yourself.

Here's Mine:

1. I cannot swim.

2. I prefer to sit down when I shower.

3. I'm a twin

4. I was born and grew up at 7,000 feet (2.1336 kilometres)

5. I failed in Spelling for many years in elementary/primary school.

6. I've been on TeenHelp since 2009 but didn't start really using it til 2011

7. I'm more productive multitasking than I am doing one task at a time.

8. I leave conversations in chat right in the middle because I get distracted. Especially on Jen. Sorrryyyy.

9. I've been in the same relationship for four years.

10. I cannot ride a bike.

I said to the sun, "Tell me about the big bang"
& the sun said “it hurts to become."
Andrea Gibson, "I Sing The Body Electric; Especially When My Power Is Out"
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i_like_black Offline
Experienced TeenHelper
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Name: Jess
Age: 31
Gender: Boobs and pubes
Location: Right here.

Posts: 683
Blog Entries: 349
Join Date: February 23rd 2010

Re: How are you weird? - May 19th 2012, 04:33 AM

1. I have had a TBI (traumatic brain injury) from which the physical damage is still really obvious . . . but it hasn't affected my functioning.

2. I can taste the cinnamon flavouring in Coke Zero.

3. I can still hear the high-frequency noises that apparently "only young people" can hear.

4. I've been playing saxophone for about 12 years.

5. I learned to touch-type accidentally whilst spending hours on MSN as a teenager.

6. I am allergic to cats but have a pet cat.

7. Although I'm generally really good with spelling and grammar, there are three or four mistakes I make consistently.

8. I like winter.

9. I prefer men's deodorants and body sprays.

10. I still sleep in a single bed.
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Arcenciel Offline
Child and Youth Care Worker
Senior TeenHelper
Arcenciel's Avatar
Name: Jen
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Location: IRAW!

Posts: 999
Blog Entries: 4
Join Date: March 21st 2009

Re: How are you weird? - May 19th 2012, 04:35 AM

Sounds like fun.
1) I type the number 7 a lot because it's right next to my "enter" key...
2) I can type 101 words per minute
3) I have about 4 blankets and 6 pillows in my bed, but when I wake up my blankets are on the floor and I'm holding onto one pillow
4) I can't sleep with my socks on, but I can't get into bed with them off. At the end of the week there is a pile of socks at the end of my bed from me kicking them off once I'm already in bed. If I get up to go to the bathroom,I put on a new pair of socks and kick them off once I'm back in bed.
5) I am from Canada and love Poutine (google it)
6) I am more stable during the school year than during the summer, and basically fall apart when I don't have anything constructive to do
7) My parents and I communicate over facebook if there's a serious discussion that needs ot happen because otherwise we yell at each other.
8) I am really socially awkward
9) I say "bazinga" as part of my normal vocabulary
10) Sheldon cooper (the big bang theory) and I have the same middle name (Lee)
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George^^ Offline
Hi :D
Senior TeenHelper
George^^'s Avatar
Name: George
Age: 21
Gender: Other
Location: Guess

Posts: 993
Blog Entries: 29
Join Date: January 20th 2012

Re: How are you weird? - May 19th 2012, 08:35 AM

1) I'm still very into the supernatural romance type book, even through I find it cheesy.

2) When I was in grade 4-through till about last year, I loved history books, expecially during the holocost.

3) I have strong morals, and strong opinions, and I am only not shy when I am voicing them.

4) I think that my dysphoria is lessened when I'm wearing George men's t-shirts from Wallmart.

5) I've only ever remembered three to four dreams, that I can remember right now.

6) I type oddly and my parents seem to think that it looks like I'm faking when I'm typing really really fast.

7) I feel depressed when I can't have sunlight shining into my window during the day, but I can't sleep with any light from the outside at night.

8) I use to call me and my brother twins when he was born (we're 5 years apart, too.)

9) I am always obsessed by something, right now it's The Cliks (I love his voice!)

10) For a shy person, I am okay around cameras and pretty good during interviews.

I've said it once, I've said it twice, I've said it a thousand fucking times
That I'm OK, that I'm fine, that it's all just in my mind
But this has got the best of me, and I can't seem to sleep
It's not 'cause you're not with me, it's cause you never leave
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Castiel's Angel Offline
She turned me into a newt!!
Regular TeenHelper
Castiel's Angel's Avatar
Name: Ellie
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Location: Metropolis

Posts: 446
Blog Entries: 2
Join Date: May 6th 2011

Re: How are you weird? - May 19th 2012, 09:15 AM

1. I can eat a whole jar of vegemite with a spoon
2. My favourite movie is seventy-five years old.
3. I have twelve pets, and my rat is my favourite.
4. I'm getting stronger because I play a very rough version of corners with the guys on my bus.
5. I cringe when I see people even touching someone elses feet....
6. Maths is my favourite subject.
7. I like watching ads on tv.
8. I keep food hidden in my room in the event I do somethign wrong and I'm not allowed to leave there for a while.
9. I have mini panic attacks if I even see a plane.
10. I'm loud and sometimes forget that I'm supposed to act responsibly in class....

Be proud of your place in the cosmos. It is small, and yet...
it IS

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Magical Forest. Offline
Crazy Penguin Lady
I can't get enough
Magical Forest.'s Avatar
Name: Hannah
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Location: UK

Posts: 2,939
Blog Entries: 676
Join Date: January 6th 2009

Re: How are you weird? - May 19th 2012, 10:29 AM

1. I'm double jointed
2. I can put both legs behind my head
3. I can't get my fingers straight, they bend in the middle. (google double jointed fingers)
4. I've spent in total 3 1/2 years in mental hospitals
5. I squeak every time I see something happy feet related
6. I hear songs in my head when I'm bored and often get caught bopping along.
7. I can create my own scenery in my head and be quite comfortable there.
8. My family is completely all over the place. No one can ever understand how it all works.
9. My best friend is 10 years older than me.
10. I tend to like everything that everyone else finds weird.
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bitesize Offline
Member since April '07
Outside, huh?
bitesize's Avatar
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Location: Ireland

Posts: 3,944
Blog Entries: 321
Join Date: January 7th 2009

Re: How are you weird? - May 19th 2012, 02:13 PM

1. I grew up without video games....and didn't get internet OR a microwave til I was 15.
2. I make up my own words, especially when writing.
3. I'm a tiny little girl but I like drinking beer.
4. I'm 21 and I've never left Europe.
5. I worked myself up into getting a phobia of needles which I can't get rid of now.
6. I'm very short-sighted in just one eye.
7. I read very quickly.
8. I get insanely excited about travelling.
9. I hate my house.
10. I've never had a pet.

Honey, you're familiar, like my mirror, years ago
I slithered here from Eden just to sit outside your door
Níl a shíltear mar a bhítear.
Things are not always what they seem.
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Everglow. Offline
Did you miss me?
Outside, huh?
Everglow.'s Avatar
Name: Hollie
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Location: London

Posts: 4,777
Blog Entries: 719
Join Date: January 19th 2011

Re: How are you weird? - May 19th 2012, 07:23 PM

1. I can't swim either.
2. I can make my fingers touch the same arm they are connected to.
3. I prefer the winter to the summer.
4. I have a very weak sense of smell.
5. I suck at conversations and I find it hard to carry them on and find things to say.
6. I've never been out of England. Not even to Scotland or something.
7. My uncle is younger than I am.
8. My mood changes very quickly, to the point where I could be happy and smiley one moment, then snappy and annoyed the next.
9. I don't have any hobbies.
10. I'd rather sit on my lap top all day speaking to friends than go out and meet them in person.

❤ Nana ❤

As far as we can discern,
the sole purpose of human existence
is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.
- Carl Jung

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BDF Offline
I can't get enough
BDF's Avatar
Name: BDF
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Location: Europe

Posts: 2,523
Blog Entries: 1
Join Date: January 28th 2009

Re: How are you weird? - May 20th 2012, 02:15 AM

1. I like to wrap myself in tin foil and hide under the bed from aliens
2. I like to cover myself in oil and pretend I'm a slug
3. I like faceplanting into the ground, pretending to be an earthworm. Especially if it's muddy.
4. I like to drown in my coffee
5. I drink my coffee with chopsticks
6. I like putting the showerhead in my mouth until my ears pop
7. I fall asleep with my shoes on
8. I ate mentos with coke
9. I do headstands when I have the flu
10. I don't like being asked to show off any of my talents above

"I don't care about politics"
Then politics doesn't care about you either. Truth. You've got to make your voice heard, if you want to be listened to. But that's too logical for some people, so let me go a step further. Not making your voice heard, leaves other people free to hijack it by speaking on your behalf, even if they don't actually give a shit about you. That's politics. So, make your voice heard. That's not a quote from anywhere. That's just me.

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Jack Lowden Offline
Outside, huh?
Jack Lowden's Avatar
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Location: FOR IRAW!!! ;)

Posts: 3,935
Join Date: March 16th 2012

Re: How are you weird? - May 20th 2012, 08:50 AM

1. When I drop something, I go "OH NO" in some weird voice.
2. I wake up at scheduled times during the night & I have no clue why (no alarm clock or anything, just the same times every night).
3. I keep copies of every school assignment on my external drive because I somehow think I'll need it some day.
4. I'm a total winter person, yet I live in California where it's always warm.
5. I know exactly what I want to do as a career, yet I don't know what I want to major in.
6. I'm double jointed.
7. I turn majorly red at the slightest embarrassment.
8. My mind works faster than I talk most of the time, so my sentences come out all jumbled up.
9. I have a song for everything.
10. I have a strange OCD with numbers where I like multiples of 5 with things like the volume number on the TV or even numbers on other things.

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Evanesco Offline
Linguistics geek
Outside, huh?
Evanesco's Avatar
Name: Harrison (or Harri)
Age: 24
Gender: Demi boy
Location: North Wales

Posts: 3,999
Blog Entries: 199
Join Date: April 18th 2011

Re: How are you weird? - May 20th 2012, 01:50 PM

1) My fingers are double jointed and it creeps people out.
2) I have weird OCD finger picking habits and stuff that if I don't do I get anxious.
3) I cut all my hair off because I hated it.
4) I love hot water bottles.
5) I regularly lose my control of the English language and end up coming out with sentences like 'he got deaded'.
6) I wish I lived in Skyrim...
7) When I play computer games and something jumps out, I get extremely scared and actually physically jump, even if it is just a friendly character walking past me.
8) I have a weird obsession with programmes that show autopsy or medical surgeries.
9) I can't play card games. I can't learn the rules.
10) I read five books at the same time, sometimes more.

Join the Skeleton Clique on TH
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Don't trust a perfect person and don't trust a song that's flawless.
RIP Granddad Terry. I'll miss you.
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Kumagoro Offline
Formerly ChaosControl
I've been here a while
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Age: 27
Gender: Female
Location: UK

Posts: 1,567
Blog Entries: 14
Join Date: March 30th 2009

Re: How are you weird? - May 20th 2012, 03:44 PM

1. I have more freckles than I did when I was a kid. They just appeared quite recently.
2. I am right-handed, but I have to hold coffee cups in my left hand.
3. I prefer small rooms to big ones, and put posters up everywhere to make them feel enclosed.
4. I hate sticky labels.
5. I love video games, but hate playing them with other people watching.
6. I have never travelled abroad.
7. I don't like words that begin with P.
8. I feel naked if I'm not wearing friendship bracelets.
9. I find it easier to fall asleep to the sound of a ticking clock.
10. I like porridge and I'll eat it willingly. According to my friends, this means I'm very, very weird.

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Nomophobia Offline
Music is my escape
Senior TeenHelper
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Name: Muse
Gender: Female
Location: UK, Wales

Posts: 866
Blog Entries: 300
Join Date: January 6th 2009

Re: How are you weird? - May 20th 2012, 05:22 PM

This is quite amusing :P

1)I am left handed but I do everything apart from writing with my right hand :P
2)I like spending time by myself
3)I'm female and yet I like to play games like Call Of Duty (been told this is weird )
4)My hands are pretty much always cold
5)When I was little I used to prefer dry bread and water to sweets
6) I can't drive and I'm not currently learning to
7)I'm into rock/metal and alternative styles of music and clothes
8)I don't cry in front of people, I only manage it on very rare occasions
9)I have strange OCD with certain things, like my own belongings, cleaning certain things,etc
10)I sleep with teddies every night and yet I'm 20

"Friends are like stars; you don't always see them but you know they are always there"

"It gives me hope. I love you so much. You give me a reason to breathe. Its something for me to not kill myself for" >>> means so much :')

Paramore! <3
Pm me anytime, I like to help!
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13reasonswhy Offline
Not a n00b
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Name: Cassidy
Gender: Female

Posts: 72
Join Date: December 29th 2011

Re: How are you weird? - May 20th 2012, 05:41 PM

1) I still sleep in a single bed
2) I eat with my left hand and do everything else with my right.
3) I'd rather be alone than with a bunch of friends
4) I prefer small rooms to big ones
5) I've only been to 4 other states outside the one I live in (Wisconsin)
6) I live in Wisconsin, but I hate cheese
7) I dress in all black, not because I'm a rebel or anything, just because I love it.
8) I prefer phones with a keyboard then touch screens
9) When I sleep, I cuddle with my body pillow like it's a person
10) Although I wear all black, and people think I'm crazy, stupid, and a rebel for it, I get pretty good grades (most of the time) and I know what I want for my future, and even though I dress the way I do, I'm starting to become happy with life
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BDF Offline
I can't get enough
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Name: BDF
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Location: Europe

Posts: 2,523
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Join Date: January 28th 2009

Re: How are you weird? - May 24th 2012, 01:01 PM

(My 10th point wasn't really a point)

10. I also like to rub plastic against my clothes until the static builds up so my hair stands on end. Then grab something big and metallic.

"I don't care about politics"
Then politics doesn't care about you either. Truth. You've got to make your voice heard, if you want to be listened to. But that's too logical for some people, so let me go a step further. Not making your voice heard, leaves other people free to hijack it by speaking on your behalf, even if they don't actually give a shit about you. That's politics. So, make your voice heard. That's not a quote from anywhere. That's just me.

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♔ Queen of Ambivalence ♔
Junior TeenHelper
RiseFromTheAshes's Avatar
Name: Emily
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Location: Daydreaming

Posts: 239
Blog Entries: 1
Join Date: January 6th 2012

Re: How are you weird? - May 24th 2012, 09:31 PM

1. I cannot sleep unless I'm cuddling my Minnie Mouse doll.
2. I don't burp...I'm not really sure why.
3. I am terrified of using the phone to call people. (even best friends and family!)
4. I love being alone.
5. When my palms sweat it looks like glitter. I'm not sure why that happens either.
6. I like to stand in the shower with my arms crossed and just zone out.
7. I have such an intense fear of rejection that I can't even pick out my own clothing or talk to people about what kind of music I like.
8. I feel like everyone hates me all the time (yes, even on here).
9. I can't do a cartwheel, somersault or jump rope.
10. I absolutely adore squirrels.

♥ PM me anytime, I'm here for you ♥

Out of the ashes I'm burning like a fire. You can save your apologies, you're nothing but a liar. I've got shame, I've got scars that I will never show. I'm a survivor in more ways than you know. 'Cause all the pain and the truth, I wear like a battle wound. So ashamed, so confused, I was broken and bruised. Now I'm a warrior.
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Tigereyes Offline
I can't get enough
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Age: 23
Gender: Nonbinary
Location: USA

Posts: 2,133
Blog Entries: 1
Join Date: July 20th 2011

Re: How are you weird? - May 24th 2012, 10:22 PM

1. I'm afraid to ride a bike
2. I'm terrified to sing in front of anyone including my best friends, but I don't mind public speaking
3. I love science and psychology
4. I sometimes have dreams about events happening to friends before they tell me about it and they're accurate
5. I don't remember how to scream
6. I have a lot of trouble trusting people unless I know they can relate to me
7. I do figure skating but I hate wearing dresses
8. I love anything from rock music to screamo (apparently people find this weird since I'm female)
9. It has become a lot more common for me to do something just because I was told not to or that I couldn't
10. I either remember every single detail of my dreams or almost nothing at all, and usually have times where I will remember every single dream and times when I can't remember any of them

"Just open your eyes and see that life is beautiful..." ~Sixx:A.M.
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Fading Light. Offline
Do you believe in ghosts?
TeenHelp Addict
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Gender: bird bird
Location: the empty house

Posts: 9,227
Blog Entries: 64
Join Date: September 20th 2009

Re: How are you weird? - May 26th 2012, 02:04 AM

I'm just weird in general.


1) I love orange juice but I don't eat oranges.
2) My left leg is shorter than my right.
3) My smile is crooked.
4) I like the smell but not the taste of tomatoes.
5) I'm scared of talking on Skype/TC etc.
6) I'm also scared of talking on the phone.
7) In white because it could be triggering: I have half a sewing needle embedded in my knee.
8) I have conversations with myself out loud.
9) If I get stuck writing a story, I act it out by myself.
10) I like to come up with conspiracy theories and freak people out by pretending to be part of outdated or ununsual societies (like the Flat Earth Society or VHEM).

Yeah. I can think of a lot more reasons.

Another way I'm weird is that in my list I skipped eight and put seven twice...

... and am now laughing because I bet you didn't realise the first time, went back up to look, and are now silently scolding me.

if you know the hunter's coming
then you hide or keep on running
'cause she's slain the gods before.
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DeletedAccount32's Avatar
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Posts: n/a

Re: How are you weird? - May 30th 2012, 06:18 PM

Chess, we could almost be the same person. Except for the sewing needle thing!

1. I can't ride a bike.
2. I can only doggy paddle. And I didn't learn how to do that until I was 13.
3. I don't get obsessed with bands or artists.
4. I think in French half the time.
5. I'm synesthetic.
6. Until today (last day of senior year!), I loved school.
7. I pick things up with my toes.
8. I major(ed) in Animal Science at my high school.
9. My hair gets blonde streaks in it when I'm out in the sun and people always ask me if I've dyed it.
10. I'm ruthless when it comes to criticizing people's grammar. Yet I can't name very many of the actual grammatical rules in the English language.
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SparklingWine Offline
Normality, my friends.
Jeez, get a life!
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Name: Lynds :)
Age: 27
Gender: Grill ;)
Location: Seattle

Posts: 7,232
Blog Entries: 197
Join Date: February 19th 2009

Re: How are you weird? - May 30th 2012, 07:23 PM

Hehe these are fun

1. I'm obsessed with Florence and the Machine. I know every single song, watched countless concerts on youtube, my user name and signature include her, etc.

2. I wear three tanktops, a shirt and 2 sweaters. I also wear leggings under my jeans. It's comfortable, trust me.

3. My socks NEVER match. No matter how hard I try.

4. I can see energy.

5. I have a scar shaped like a butterfly.

6. I like having colds, being sick, being in the hospital, etc.

7. I was a band geek AND a cheerleader.

8. I own 57 tank tops and use them as undershirts.

9.My house never stays clean. In fact, my car is the cleanest thing I own.

10. I'm in love with Cirque Du Soleil and Riverdance.

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Kindred Offline
You can handle anything
I've been here a while
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Name: Eyeliner Failure
Gender: Female
Location: Summoners Rift

Posts: 1,910
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Join Date: March 20th 2012

Re: How are you weird? - May 30th 2012, 07:49 PM

This is awesome

1. I love hospitals. They make me feel so safe.

2. I have a small piece of hair that I HAVE to have hanging next to my face when my hair is tied up.

3. I never touch food; I push crisps to the top of packets to eat them, use a knife and fork whenever possible ect.

4. My big toe reminds me of an astronaut

5. I have a bracelet on my wrist I haven't taken off once in 5 years. My mother reckons it's magical, because it must be 10 years old, and is just thread, yet hasn't broke yet

6. Apples make me thirsty

7. I speak to myself all the time. I find it comforting

8. I'm supposed to wear glasses for long distance things. I, er, don't. Our secret

9. I am TERRIFIED of windows. I'm scared in case a face appears in them.

10. I don't feel safe without socks on

Take as long as you need.
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Lumos. Offline
Used to be Don'tForget
I can't get enough
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Name: Dionna
Age: 20
Gender: Agender
Location: Oregon

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Join Date: March 13th 2011

Re: How are you weird? - June 2nd 2012, 05:08 PM

OOooo this sounds fun
1. I sleep with a stuffed bear and freak out if i don't have him when i go to sleep.
2. One of my best friends is 14 years older than me
3. I cannot wear 2 of the same socks at once, they have to be different
4. I can't go a day with out listening to music
5.I randomly cleaned my room at midnight yesterday.
6. My nickname is Charlie the Unicorn
7. I like ketchup on my mac and cheese.
8. I can't sleep without a movie on
9.I get obsessed over music a lot
10.I talk to myself when im alone

From day one I talked about getting out
But not forgetting about
How all my worst fears are letting out
He said, "Why put a new address on the same old loneliness?"
When breathing just passes the time
Until we all just get old and die
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Spellbound Offline
I can't get enough
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Age: 25
Gender: Girl
Location: USA

Posts: 3,334
Blog Entries: 368
Join Date: December 29th 2009

Re: How are you weird? - June 3rd 2012, 02:15 AM

1.) I can't leave the sink without washing my hands at least twice. God knows why.
2.) I am attracted to older guys. 10, 20, even 30 years older than I am.
3.) I have about 20-30 mini hand sanitizers from Bath & Body Works.
4.) I like ketchup and pickle flavoured potato chips
5.) I have more pairs of underwear than I do T-shirts
6.) I have to rehearse what I'm going to say before I call someone on the phone.
7.) I've seen the movie Dirty Dancing over 100 times and I can recite the whole movie.
8.) I also know at least five quotes from each Friends episode. I've seen each episode about 15 times, if not more.
9.) I get jealous if I think a friend of mine likes someone better than me. (I think that might actually be a bad quality of mine)
10.) Last night I spent almost 3 hours on Chris Hemsworth's fan site. I'm obsessed with him.

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MindBodySpirit Offline
Junior TeenHelper
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Name: Not Michael
Age: 26
Gender: agender
Location: Canada

Posts: 244
Join Date: February 24th 2011

Re: How are you weird? - June 3rd 2012, 02:16 AM

2) I hate hot weather.

3) Very sensitive to light, touch and sound. I can't touch styrofoam because of it.

5) I know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop.

7) My favourite word when I was 5 was antidisestablishmentarianism.

11) Rarity is best pony.

13) When I'm tired, or intoxicated, rather than saying stupid things, I begin talking about science.

17) At times, I detest the colour yellow. It just really bothers me.

19) I am in school for massage therapy, but don't like to be touched.

23) I cannot wear a watch.

29) At one point, I could do more than 80 push-ups.
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Re: How are you weird? - June 4th 2012, 07:49 AM

1. I have the powers of 2 memorized up to 2^19= 524,288.
2. Given a handful of plain M&M's, I will dump them into a glass of milk and stir them around until both the color coating and the white coating dissolve off, leaving the glass of milk a murky brown-green color. I will then drink the milk and fish out the M&M's to eat with a spoon. It is magical.
3. I also think A1 Steak Sauce is amazing on almost everything, especially steamed broccoli.
4. I prefer to hand-write class notes over typing them on a laptop.
5. I can't sleep with a flat bedsheet. I have the one that covers my mattress and then just my comforter/quilt.
6. I've been actively trying to stop hyper-extending my legs because one of my sorority sisters (who is also a dancer) told me how bad it is for me.
7. I like to change my font when I write, but my signature remains the same.
8. The easiest way for me to organize things is by color... which is why my bookshelf is organized according to the color of the spines of the books.
9. I am excessively squeamish when it comes to vomit, dirty plates that still have food, and raw meat. This is incredibly intensified when witnessing vomit, having other peoples' dirty plates in front of me, doing other peoples' dishes, and cutting up chicken for stir fry.
10. I have fairly bad sleep-onset insomnia because sleeping makes me feel vulnerable. It is my way of fearfully giving my nightmares a big fuck you, since I'm terrified of what will happen to me when I close my eyes.

when you love and laugh abundantly you live a beautiful life.
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Re: How are you weird? - June 5th 2012, 08:18 PM

1- i like to walk on the top of my toes
2- i have to eat in a specific order but dont care if my food touches
3- i hate 'normal' foods and love 'crazy creations'
4- i hate anything that has to do with cows. beef, milk, steak, hamburger. but i do like milk products like cheese, ice cream, sour cream
5- i cant sleep in a bed unless its at my grams. i have to be on the floor
6- i wear layers all year round. i dont care if its 110 degrees, im COVERED
7- i apoligiz for EVERYTHING. even when i know its not my fault in the slightest
8- my room CANT be clean. it has to be messy. but everything else has to be exact
9- i can only sleep for a certian ammount of time at certian times of the day. doesnt matter how tired i am
10- i have to come up with replies and conversations from every text ive sent while waiting for said persons reply. i cant stop until i get said reply, or the conversation between us is compleated

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The world will bleed its bloody tale. People will throw their stones. But the one thing you must always remember is:
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-Blake Bliss
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Re: How are you weird? - June 8th 2012, 08:51 AM

1. I can't sleep in a room that is messy
2. If I think I'm making a B in any class I completely flip out O.o
3. I try to make everything seem worse so that the actual outcome won't seem as bad to me. Such as I always tell myself I fail everything so that when I do good, or even if I just do okay, I feel better about it
4. I always type incredibly long texts and I enjoy if the favor is returned x)
5. I find about 5 of my male teachers to be incredibly attractive (that may not be so weird because pretty much everyone does)
6. When I'm really tired I get incredibly hyper and act crazy! (:
7. I freaking love going to school and a little disappointed that it's summer right now...
8. I love singing more than anything but I hate to sing in front of other people
9. I hate talking on the phone, it feels like a hastle
10. When my friends or people at school compliment me, it angers me in a way bc I'm incredibly self-conscious and I know that they're just lying.
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Re: How are you weird? - June 13th 2012, 01:00 PM

1. My first relationship has lasted nearly two years and is still going on to this day.

1. I have a very dirty mind.

2. My best friend is in middle school.

3. I can't sleep without a sheet over me, nor can I sleep with heavy blankets.

5. I prefer girls underwear but have no crossdressing interests. It's just more comfy.

8. I can fall asleep while listening to death metal, but not classical music.

13. I keep food in my room so I don't have to go downstairs and be with my family.

21. The week I spent in a mental hospital was one of the best weeks of my life.

34. Every single concert or show I've been to, the same band has been there.

55. I did my entire senior year of high school online.

Originally Posted by MindBodySpirit View Post
11) Rarity is best pony.
No, Luna is.

Virtual cookies to anyone who noticed my numbering sequence and knows what it is.

This is the last night you spend alone
Look me in the eyes so I know you know
I'm everywhere you want me to be
The last night you'll spend alone
I'll wrap you in my arms and I won't let go
I'm everything you need me to be

~Skillet - The Last Night

When Michael died, Megan was born. And I won't go back for anything.

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Re: How are you weird? - June 13th 2012, 06:46 PM

Originally Posted by michaelxlife View Post
Virtual cookies to anyone who noticed my numbering sequence and knows what it is.

I know what it is, I just forgot the name :P

Take as long as you need.
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Re: How are you weird? - June 13th 2012, 11:00 PM

Originally Posted by endoftherainbow View Post


I know what it is, I just forgot the name :P
*gives cookies*

This is the last night you spend alone
Look me in the eyes so I know you know
I'm everywhere you want me to be
The last night you'll spend alone
I'll wrap you in my arms and I won't let go
I'm everything you need me to be

~Skillet - The Last Night

When Michael died, Megan was born. And I won't go back for anything.

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Re: How are you weird? - June 13th 2012, 11:53 PM

1. Whenever I'm eating, I always always always save my most favorite food for last.
2. I'm an artist who is obsessed with drawing anime style anthros. (If you don't know what anthro is, look it up. Try deviantart.)
3. I love and have studied the Japanese culture so much that when I meet a new person, I have to force myself to shake their hand, not bow like they do in Japan.
4. When I'm spending time cuddling with my boyfriend, I love to ask him crazy "what if" questions that are really hard to answer and could never possibly happen. (Example: "If a woman offered you 2 billion dollars to have sex with her for 5 minutes, would you do it?" The look on his face was priceless.)
5. Even though I'm 18 years old my favorite movie is the Lion King, and I still adore Winnie the Pooh.
6. I sleep with a ton of stuffed animals, my favorite one to cuddle with being a huge bear named Sleepy, who is over half my size.
7. I find things like skelanimals, teddy scares, deady bears, etc. to be incredibly adorable.
8. I sometimes talk and say funny things in my sleep, the funniest one to date being "It's a shame about the raisins."
9. I'm left handed.
10. I am a super photo geek and I love photography, I take my camera with me everywhere I go.

I love my Big Sleepy Bear.
I still fill my panties; do YOU?
No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did, he would cease to be an artist. -Oscar Wilde
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Re: How are you weird? - June 14th 2012, 12:21 AM

1.I get easily obsessed with things. And then I start to get kind of sad when I think about it. Then I try to forget it. But after that I get obsessed with them again. It's a vicious circle.
2.I don't like a song I can't imagine a scenario/story while listening to.
3.I like hospitals.
4.I can't type properly if there's anyone watching me.
5.I'm always afraid I'm taking improper liberties with people. That's why I'm almost never the one to initiate a hug.
6.I am scared of cab drivers.
7.I'm not jealous of people I'm romantic interested in, but I'm extremely jealous of my friends.
8.Car rides make me feel better, it doesn't matter what I'm feeling (physical and emotional).
9.I love to be analyzed. I'm crazy about tests, they make me feel like I belong.
10.When I'm bored in class, writing a song's lyric makes me feel like I'm listening to it.

Some of these are lame, but, hey, don't doubt my weirdness
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Re: How are you weird? - June 22nd 2012, 12:54 AM

1.) I'm scared of thunder
2.) I can't swim either!
3.) I run to my bed after I shut the lights off because a monster might get me.
4.) I watch My little pony.
5.) I knit.
6.) I refer to Matthew Mcconaughey as my future husband.
7.) I find cartoon characters sexy O.o
8.) I dance like a lunatic and make up random stories when I'm home alone and act them out.
9.) I dance with my cat.
10.) If I get an A-, I get really worried O.o?

"You'll have to decide for yourself. Walk on your own. Move forward. You've got a strong pair of legs, Rose. You should get up and use them."
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Re: How are you weird? - June 28th 2012, 10:57 PM

1.) I can't snap my fingers.
2.) Sometimes I pretend to be movie characters
3.) I have a stuffed popsicle named Blushie
4.) I like dogs, but don't like how they smell
5.) I hate mayonnaise, but I've never tasted it
6.) I always wear mismatched socks
7.) I sometimes talk to myself when I'm alone
8.) Clowns creep me out
9.) I don't ever blow dry my hair unless I have to
10.) When ever I'm calling for some one I say their name in different voices until they answer me
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