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Closed Thread
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PeaceSoundsNice Offline
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Name: Dawn
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lgbtqqip2saa - March 27th 2016, 03:33 AM

So it is my understanding that the second A in LGBTQQIP2SAA stands for "allies". Do you think that "allies" should be part of the LGBT+ acronym even though they aren't a sexuality that involves coming out?

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Sophrosyne Offline
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Name: Raven
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Re: lgbtqqip2saa - March 27th 2016, 04:25 AM

I've personally never heard that the a actually does stand for allies, it is just some people that think it does when it actually doesn't. It could stand for many things, the first one stands for asexuals and the second one could stand for abrosexual, aromantic, or androsexual. I would say it could stand for agender but that would be under the trans banner.

But anyway in answering the question, if it did stand for ally, no I do not think it should be in there. Allies don't go through anything that people in the community go through and being included in the community acronym is basically saying you get a little mention for being a decent human being. Theoretically, everyone should be an ally as that's just being a decent human so having ally in the acronym just sounds stupid as that isn't a gender, sexuality or romantic orientation that isn't the 'normal'. So no, I don't think it should be in there if it is in there.

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.:Bibliophile:. Offline
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Re: lgbtqqip2saa - March 27th 2016, 04:27 AM

Idk, allies don't have to come out about sexuality but they do face some hatred or discomfort when they choose to be allies. What I mean is, my gay friends are a big part of my life and when I was dating I had to let people know that my friends were important and they had to be accepting. This was not always easy to do and some people stopped talking to me because of that.

Then, I faced a lot of discomfort when my family found out my main group of friends were gay. They disapproved, they said they didn't think it was good for me, they asked me if I was a lesbian. I basically had to defend my choices and let people know that these people were people I wanted in my life and people who made me feel better about myself.

So, no allies don't come out but they do face some hatred because of the decision they make to be allies.

I don't know if this is enough to be included in the that acronym but it is something that can often be overlooked. I overlooked it until I made some LGBT friends.

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Last edited by .:Bibliophile:.; March 27th 2016 at 03:25 PM.
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Coffee. Offline
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Name: Traci
Age: 26
Gender: she/her/hers
Location: North Carolina

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Re: lgbtqqip2saa - March 27th 2016, 06:40 AM

I'm split. The only reason I advocate for inclusion of allies in LGBT+ spaces is that many folks I know began their coming out process by going to queer events as an ally. They'd tell their family or friends they weren't out to they were going to pride festivals "as an ally" and came out years later, but it allowed them to navigate the space and make friends before they were comfortable with themselves or were out more publically. As an "actual ally," I don't need a safe space. My sexuality is not discriminated against and don't have a need. They're not really necessary in the acronym.

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Hypothesis. Offline
Not significant.

TeenHelp Veteran
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Name: Dez
Age: 23
Gender: They/them.
Location: Connecticut, USA

Posts: 19,164
Blog Entries: 138
Join Date: November 16th 2010

Re: lgbtqqip2saa - March 27th 2016, 04:39 PM

There are so many people who don't even think ASEXUAL should be included, let alone ally (mind you ace should totally be included).

I don't know, I don't know if I'd like ally being there. WhIle they do sometimes get shit for being an ally, I don't think it's the same.

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.:Bibliophile:. Offline
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TeenHelp Veteran
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Re: lgbtqqip2saa - March 27th 2016, 07:45 PM

Originally Posted by Epiphany. View Post
There are so many people who don't even think ASEXUAL should be included, let alone ally (mind you ace should totally be included).

I don't know, I don't know if I'd like ally being there. WhIle they do sometimes get shit for being an ally, I don't think it's the same.
Yeah, I'm not sure if it's the same either. It's hard to tell though and thats why I didn't have any real opinion on the matter.

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Maverick. Offline
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Name: Anthony
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Location: Los Angeles

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Re: lgbtqqip2saa - March 28th 2016, 12:08 AM

No they shouldn't. Unless I'm getting the definition of "Ally" right. An ally is just a straight person that respects everyone right?

Unless they fuck someone who is Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Pansexual, Transgender, Gender fluid, Queer etc, then they shouldn't labeled in that group.

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MWF Offline
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Name: Robert
Age: 23
Gender: Male
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Re: lgbtqqip2saa - March 28th 2016, 08:32 AM

I don't think allies should be included. There's almost no point. LGBT+ isn't about how much shit you put up with, LGBT+ is about the sexuality and genders of the people involved. Being an "ally" doesn't have anything to do with their sexuality or gender, so why would they be grouped into LGBT+? Not to sound like an ass, but I think this answer is definitive. I see no holes in it yet.
To me, adding allies also waters down the message about what the group is about. Kinda like "Black Lives Matters" vs. "All Lives Matter" (a purposeless, spiteful, racist, bullshit non-movement, if you weren't aware). Including more unrelated people makes it harder for others to understand what the problems are or who they're affecting. Also, in America, at least, we have a soundbite culture; Shorter tends to be better. If you rattle off all those letters to us, we'll stop paying attention after the first Q.

Wish I lived in Canada. UPDATE, NOV. 9th, 2016: This statement has become even more appropriate.
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Re: lgbtqqip2saa - March 28th 2016, 02:05 PM

I keep seeing the title of the thread and mistaking it for spam. What does all these letters mean? I only know LBGT+; and isn't that what the + is for? All those extra orientations?

Also, I would say those last two letters are "Asexual" and "Agender"; Ally should not be included. There should already be a tolerance and acceptance of the LGBT+ community anyways, so why add "Ally"?
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RadioSerenade Offline
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Name: The Limelighter
Age: 24
Gender: Male
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Re: lgbtqqip2saa - March 28th 2016, 08:49 PM

I do not think they should. The invlovement of allies in the system is similar to the support of men in the fight of feminism. As Tara Moss said, it is great that feminism has the support of men, but women have to identify themselves with it, and thus take control of that movement, which is why Tony Abbott should not have been Minister for The Status of Women, although it was a positive mistake. Allies can support the rights of LGBT et cetera youth without incorporating themselves in the acronym people use to identify themselves with it.

I think it has become clear though, that the acronym is not a sufficient system.

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Noire Offline
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Name: Jordan
Age: 29
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Re: lgbtqqip2saa - March 29th 2016, 07:06 PM

I don't think ally should be included. While they may face some discrimination for choosing to align themselves with LGBT + folk, it's not the same thing. They won't have the same experience that many of us will for being LGBT +.

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Fading Light. Offline
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Re: lgbtqqip2saa - April 8th 2016, 11:53 PM

Like most of the others, I don't think it should be included. While being an ally is great, there's one main difference between it and identifying as an "alphabet soup" sexuality or gender identity: it actually is a choice. So I think allies should be more than welcome at LGBT+ events and can be considered part of the community, but I don't believe it's necessary for them to be included in the acronym.

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BDF Offline
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Re: lgbtqqip2saa - April 10th 2016, 05:16 PM

I think the acronym is crazy. If people want to make something seem appealing and marketable, and encourage people to follow it, support it, or "buy it", etc... then it should have a simple logo on the front.

"LGBTQQIP2AA".... wtf?!

I mean, comon.

I have nothing against these groups, but this is just too inflated. Almost nobody from the outside is going to remember that. "WTF" is simple, and everyone knows what it means.

Sorry if the comment is ignorant, but I have too little time to do background reading on this at the moment.

P.S. if these kinds of communities are created in the name of "tolerance" and "acceptance", then they should be all inclusive, with the only people who are not welcome being those who oppose those groups for whatever reasons and show up just to cause controversy. Unless there is a good reason for this to be otherwise.


"I don't care about politics"
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