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Closed Thread
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Are you aware of Canadian issues? - October 3rd 2017, 01:26 PM

This thread has been labeled as triggering by the original poster or by a Moderator. Please take this into consideration before continuing to read.

There is a big issue going on in Canada that many may not even know about or know how bad it really is. Many are fleeing Amercia and they are illegally entering Canada without proper documents. Most of those people are really bad criminals and are most likely terrorists. This is a very massive scary situation for Canadians.

They do not belong here. Moment they enter they are "allowed" to stay till someone from the Government and RCMP runs their background checks so they are camping out in tents and fed our food, while receiving medical care. Source.

Now, all these protestors have broke out. Source 1. Not only was the protest at the border crossing of Quebec and New York State, but it was also on Parliament Hill.

Even across Canada protests were happening. Source 2.

But even that, Trump is pushing them right into Canada illegally. Source 3.

I am a Canadian-born citizen who follows the law. Many other Canadian-born's we are faced with this stuff. Nobody wants them here at all because they do not follow laws, they have their own laws. Guns for them is normal, that is not normal. Canada has turned into a very evil place.

Trump has the right idea, I agree with him, but he is sending those people to Canada illegally.

That very same day all those protestors were happening around Canada, a possible terrosit attack happened. Source 4. It shows that he was a refugee that entered Canada in 2012. Source 5.

In my opinion, if you are reguee coming from a war zone country, flee some horrible voilence, you should be told if you commit a crime you will be deported. Canada doesn't stand for criminals. We never had so much issues until Trudeau allowed them to enter. We barely, it was unheard of, for terrorism in this country, until all this happened.

I have family who came from a good country, but they were bombed and they fleed. Guess what they are doing today? They don't go out causing crimes, they are making prints in our society and helping others. There is a clear difference between someone coming from an already violence country to a country that was a good one that was bombed.

If someone enters Canada, and becomes a Canadian citizen they need to abide by the laws, if they do not, they need to be deported. But Canada is a nice place who forgives to much...

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Re: Are you aware of Canadian issues? - October 3rd 2017, 02:14 PM

Nobody is immune to terrorism, unfortunately. Look at Spain who had the van attack, I know someone who was there for that and he described how horrific it was. That was with a van, not guns. There were attacks in Europe with knives, not guns. Europe, the US, and Canada. So refugees or not, unfortunately you're not immune to terrorism. America being the way it is right now or not, you're not immune.

I'm not sure what Trump has the right idea about, but the link you gave for a refugee said he immigrated to Canada in 2012. That's before Trump ever was a thing. It's 2017 now, so 5 years in fact.

Guns...well yeah i guess they're normalized here to an extent but you have the people who are like "Omgz protect mah gunz," and then some that won't ever touch them. Remember not all Americans own guns and not all of them are these crazy, gun-wielding terrorists. It's kind of a generalization that I'm not proud my country has.

You'll have bad Americans. You'll have bad Canadians. You'll have bad Europeans, Asians, Middle Easterns, Africans, Australians, Christians, Jewish, Muslims, everyone.

That being said what happened as far as a potential terrorist attack is shitty. I'm upset that I wouldn't have heard of it if it wasn't for a person posting on Facebook, but I haven't even seen a lot of coverage for the Vegas shooting either and I'm in America. And people should abide by laws in general.

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Re: Are you aware of Canadian issues? - October 3rd 2017, 05:30 PM

The only thing I heard (and it was very brief, go figure! I guess it's even the same in Canada as it is in the US) is that there was poor representation of Aboriginal people at the UN General Assembly last month. It's like coverage of minorities in the US, there'll be one news source on it for half a day and it never comes up again.

I hate to say it but your generalization is true. However, that can be applied to all countries on Earth, across all ethnicities and minorities and privileged people. Nobody is immune to terrorism these days. Why did the Earth allow us to evolve? Because we are strong, powerful, we can overcome animals, our brain volume/mass is 'appropriate' but can't be said for everyone.
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Re: Are you aware of Canadian issues? - October 3rd 2017, 09:19 PM

I agree with Dez, no matter what group of people, there are going to be bad apples and immigration has very little to do with it. I mean, I have known a decent amount of immigrants and they have been exceptionally kind...one of them used to refer to me as their little sister. Most of the bad experiences I have had in life have been at the hands of legal, white men.

Immigrants are not automatically going to break the law. A lot of them are respectable people who have been put into really crappy situations.

I do realize that there are many immigrants who break the law etc but I don't think that is an immigration problem. In my opinion, it is a problem with the individual being a bad person. If we got rid of all the immigrants there would still be terrible things happening around the world. Immigration is not going to stop the bad things from coming.

In my opinion, the focus Trump puts on immigration is being used as a scapegoat. To try and explain away all the terrible things that are happening in the world.

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BDF Offline
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Re: Are you aware of Canadian issues? - October 14th 2017, 10:29 PM

I'm aware of this. It is wrong. My only point of contention with your post is that it is not America's responsibility, or Trump's responsibility, to guard Canada's border. No country has an inherent responsibility to guard another country's borders.

Not unless there is an agreement in place. A treaty of some sort. Perhaps there is (I don't know). NATO is an example of such a treaty, but it has certain conditions and limitations. America and Canada are both in NATO, which doesn't mean that America necessarily has a duty to stop illegal migrants at the border.

Correlations between recent migration patterns into Europe and crime rates are damning. I'm aware that there are different patterns for migrants coming from Mexico into America (some have actually observed them to be less likely to commit crimes in some states, due to fears of deportation).

It does actually matter where people come from, what environment they were raised in (people's personalities are generally unchangeable after 25 years), whether or not there are records of them (documented vs. undocumented), and what policies are in place to penalize such people for crimes. And the numbers of people matter as well. America, Canada, UK, Germany, France, etc. are all service economies (that means they specialize in high-skill work). Most developing countries are labor economies (specialized in low skill work). Too large numbers of people entering from labor economies into service economies leads to falling wages among laborers, unemployment in the affected sectors, increased wealth disparity in the affected country, which all leads to higher crime rates among immigrants and natives in response to not being able to make ends meet, wealth disparity, and cultural differences. It's a compound affect. Countries such as America and UK have successfully integrated migrants into their economies before, just in smaller numbers. And when there were larger numbers, it was under different economic conditions (aka no welfare state, like when migrants from Europe populated America).


"I don't care about politics"
Then politics doesn't care about you either. Truth. You've got to make your voice heard, if you want to be listened to. But that's too logical for some people, so let me go a step further. Not making your voice heard, leaves other people free to hijack it by speaking on your behalf, even if they don't actually give a shit about you. That's politics. So, make your voice heard. That's not a quote from anywhere. That's just me.

Last edited by BDF; October 14th 2017 at 10:57 PM.
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Lexify. Offline
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Re: Are you aware of Canadian issues? - October 15th 2017, 01:55 AM

I live in Canada and read the news so I have been aware of this for a while now. There is no reason why people should be able to enter Canada illegally from the United States and claim asylum. The USA has their system and should deal with it. Canada took in thousands of refugees in 2015 and continues to accept approximately 16,000 privately sponsored refugees and 7,500 that the government assists with every year. We can't keep up with paying for the people who illegally enter Canada when we have Canadian citizens who need help. There are so many people who are homeless, struggling to make ends meet, find affordable housing, ect and the government isn't helping with that. There are seniors who have paid taxes their whole lives unable to find a place to live or able to get accesses to medical treatments. We should not be paying for the people who illegally entered Canada. Once someone has filed a claim, they are able to access government services like health care and social assistance (monthly cheques) and can stay in centres when they're waiting for the cheque. There are also organizations that help the illegal asylum seekers find housing. So, really, we are paying people who broke the law.

There is an agreement between Canada and the US called the Safe Third Country. This pretty much means that someone has to make their asylum claim in the first country that they arrive in. This would prevent people from claiming asylum in Canada if they arrived in the USA or lived in the USA. However, the kicker is that this only applies to people claiming asylum at an official border crossing. If the individuals were to make an asylum claim at an official port of entry and they have been in the USA, they should be immediately turned back and go back to the States. But because they are illegally entering Canada by entering through a non-official port of entry, the agreement isn't in play.

Our Prime Minister rather than cracking down and trying to control the rapidly growing number of people illegally entering Canada...mentions that Canada is welcoming of all refugees. I mean, he tweeted out this... it's vauge and like an open invitation. He should be clearly stating that ilegally entering Canada is wrong and that there is a right way (legally) and a wrong way (illegally).

In my border services class, we learned about the typical procedures regarding asylum claims. The individuals are screened within the first 72 hours of their arrival in Canada. However, because this process takes about 8 hours per person...it is creating a massive workload and therefore, a backlog. Since they are unable to process this many people, the individuals are being sent into various areas (like the Olympic Stadium) to wait for their admissibility hearing which is now about 1-2 months of a wait. This is scary because they are assuming that the people who illegally entered Canada will actually show up to their hearing that is a few months away... We don't know if these people are criminals, terrorists, or even have health issues that will burden our health care system, and now we're letting them live in various places while waiting for their hearing to see if they are even admissible into Canada??

**Note: I am okay with refugees IF they have legally applied, been thoroughly checked and vetted, ect. My family has immigrated, I know people who have immigrated. They did it the legal way. That's the difference. People shouldn't be allowed to stay here if they entered illegally. If they really want to immigrate that's fine, apply, go through the legal channels, get vetted, go through the security checks and contribute to our society as whole. Don't enter illegally.
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PlasmaHam Offline
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Re: Are you aware of Canadian issues? - October 26th 2017, 04:14 PM

Originally Posted by BDF View Post
]Not unless there is an agreement in place. A treaty of some sort. Perhaps there is (I don't know). NATO is an example of such a treaty, but it has certain conditions and limitations. America and Canada are both in NATO, which doesn't mean that America necessarily has a duty to stop illegal migrants at the border.
NATO is a mutual military defense treaty, which does not involve immigration. Perhaps there could be some agreement among the Canadian and US governments to help deter illegal immigration, but honestly most of the responsibilities need to fall on Canada. The US can't much afford to send immigration officers along the Canadian border when we are dealing with our own problem along the Mexican border. And, like you said, it is typically the responsibility of the affected country to prevent illegal immigrants.

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