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Closed Thread
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the Apartment of Punk Skate (will add more chapters) - December 10th 2010, 06:59 PM

Brief summary: Jakob O'Haire and Jakob "Shawn" Flanning met coincidentally on a passenger bus. During the meeting on the bus, they didn't click at all as the went their separate ways when the bus arrived in Halifax where they would start their lives and make a name for themselves. Little did they know they'd end up having to make a choice; they would have to live together! Will they survive and possibly help each other out, to achieve their separate goals of becoming a indie punk star and a well known skater and future lover of a girl. Punk, skating, drama and... snow. Lots of snow.

Chapter one; Will you be... my flatmate?

I load the bus, hoping this time, it'll be the last time I ever have to ask help from my mother. I quickly look up at the sky, as I suck back on the cigarette, as I see the snow flakes fall at an increased rate then when I quickly left her house. I sigh as I take one last inhale, and flick the still lit cigarette into what seemed to be a puddle although I couldn't tell if it was coated with ice, since the temperature was a bit below freezing. With my guitar bag in one hand and my small bag of clothes in the other I make a mad dash with out taking a second thought.

Quickly, I hand the driver my ticket, as he scorns at me, possibly due to the fact of the multiple piercings I have. I have a hoop on my lower left lip, 3 more on my left ear near the top, as well as a matching set of studs on both ear lobes. I also forgot my right eyebrow too. He hands back the ticket, as I quickly dash for the back, but some obscure group for some organization has taken the back three seats. It was evident from the picket signs. I sigh as I turn around and see the only available, REASONABLE, seat where I can enjoy my solitude.

I quickly walk over to the seat, as I make my guitar claim the seat next to me, as I take the window seat. I began to smile, as I was finally able to break free from the hell hole that kept me bay in this small and stupid town. I'm lucky to even have the amount of money I saved. But before I could bask in the glory of escaping I saw two things that made the mood much worse. I peered out the window to see my mom and her boy friend and my dad and his wife just standing with a look of puzzlement. Then, a few meters away, I saw the members of the young band I played in. I think they were crying.

I sunk into my seat, feeling somewhat ashamed, but none the less I can't remain trapped in this place. There's nothing here for anyone of my age. I was barely able to find a job. But I'm not looking back. They'll either have to accept the act or mourn in my absence, because I'm preparing for my journey.

The bus was traveling really slow. I wanted it to speed the hell to Halifax, but I knew it was near impossible with the winter snow falls that kept increasing the amounts which was falling to the earth itself. I sigh, as 'they' came back in my mind. I look over to see the tag from a trip I took back in high school. Jakob O'Haire. Yes, that is my name. I stand at six foot four and probably weigh around... gah, I can never get weights right... maybe that's why I flunked math in school. Lets say I'm proportional to my height. And I guess I tend to stick out because of my piercings and I usually have my charcoal black hair spiked up, often being referenced as a manga character.

After zoning out for a bit and feeling the heavy sensation to light another cigarette, I feel the bus slow down, and what seem to leave the one – o – three. I begin to look out side, and its almost a complete white out. I sink into my seat. This is either going to be a hell - acious night or a night that I'm going to be grateful that happens, and so far its turning out crappy, since I think I might know whats happening. I recognize the exit sign as Liverpool. I'd say we're stopping at a hotel for the night. I knew I should have left a day sooner.

I watch as the bus pulls into a gas station. It slowly creeps up near the building and stops, as the driver announces there will be a thirty minute delay, in hopes that the snowing eases up. I sigh, as I grab my pack of menthol flavored cigarettes. I dash past everyone who is JUST starting to get out of their seats. And then I noticed someone standing at the front door. Luckily I managed to stop in time. He was definitely a skater, judging from the fact he sported a skateboard his face was hard to make out at the time, but I paid little attention to him. I needed my fix, badly and I wasn't going to let ANYONE get in the way.

I manage to find a snow covered picnic bench where I assume would be a safe place to smoke. I grab the lighter in my pocket and casually light it, taking the first inhale like I hadn't smoked in weeks. Yeah, I'm heavily hooked on cigarettes, but I guess its better then alcohol or hard drugs. I keep my eye on the skate boarder, who stepped away from the door, letting the rest of the passengers get off as the sky slowly begins to dim from both the nightfall and the stormy clouds.

Closely, I watch him approach as he looks around and looks at me, as he both looks away and begins walking towards my direction. I began to cough as the smoke poured from my nose and mouth, as I forgot to exhale again, a nasty habit of mine when I'm thinking very deep. I quickly take another puff from the cancerous stick, as I eye the incoming individual. Yip, this night is definitely going to be a bad one. “Just came by to tell you the bus might be delayed an hour. The plow trucks are having trouble clearing the highway.”

Yip, I knew it. Never a dull moment. I look up at the guy as I begin to take notice of his physical characteristics. He stood about five foot seven, and was slightly skinny for his height, but he must have some strength as he is carrying a skate board around. He had a slender face with cerulean blue eyes, and slightly dark blonde, medium length blonde hair. His bangs covered up his right eye, making it so I couldn't see it. He had slightly big ears that protruded through his hair. He had several loops through his ear, seven to be exact, four on his right and three on his left. He also had a loop ring on his left lower lip.

He wore a red and gray winter Columbia jacket, but didn't have it zipped up. I could see he was an Alexisonfire fan because of the T-shirt as a band logo shirt. I blink twice, as I notice myself drifting off into another void. I quickly stumble in my coat pocket to grab the pack of smokes, and offer the a cigarette as a peace offering. “ You smoke?”

Without hesitation, he nodded and snatched it from my left hand as he scurried into his coat pocket for what seemed to be a lighter. After he lit it he quickly looked back at the passenger bus. I take another puff as I become slight;y uncomfortable. “Thanks for the smoke. I haven't had one since 4 hours ago. Not exactly the wealthiest person.”

“Nah it's okay. This is my last pack. I'm sort of out on my luck in the financial department. I need to grab a job ASAP or I'm fucked.” I replied as I look at the ground and smile at the thought of being homeless, making me all the more ambitious to find a decent job.

The other boy replied, “Yeah, same here. I hate jobs but I need one. So where are you going? Judging from your luggage your either running away from someone or you need to find a place because you hate living at your parents place, or you have already been out on your own and are planning to re-establish yourself.”

I look at him wondering if he was some sort of psychic or mind reader. I felt a creepy chill the ascended my spine which was ten times more intense then the freezing wind could ever achieve. The hairs on my arms all began to stand, as I realized I didn't reply back with a lie. “Yeah... I needed to move out and get my own place... plus my parents aren't exactly the best parents in the world. So I'm hoping to start my own life without much resistances. And living away from them is going to help... I'm moving to Halifax. How about you? Why are you taking the bus?”

The guy smiled and chuckled to himself as he exhaled the tobacco smoke and stared at the ground. “Well I'm heading to Halifax too. I have a bunch of friends and buddies up there, and I have a girlfriend there too. Well, soon to be girlfriend.”

Before I knew it, I couldn't resist as I began nudging him with my elbow. “ So... you're a ladies man, are you?”

The blonde haired guy just chuckled, but it was impossible to tell if he actually blushed since the weather was rather crappy. I sort of felt stupid saying it but... it was an opportunity I couldn't miss. And judging from his laughter it seemed like he didn't care much, but I knew a rather long explanation was coming as he thinks I misunderstood him. I take a long inhale on the cigarette before I begin to focus on the guy when a strong breeze literally stole my cigarette away from me and began pushing me towards a snow bank, but I was strong enough to overcome the torrent like wind. The blonde haired lover boy, not so lucky. He fell flat on his face, as he must have been standing on a real bad ice patch. I heard a few curses as I managed to offer a hand to help him back up. But before he could get up, the wind subsided. I knew he must have felt embarrassed so I just didn't say anything.

Chills now began to swell up my back, as my coat just wasn't doing a great job of keeping me warm. I look over at the bus, and the interior lights were still turned off meaning the driver was still waiting for some indication for the roads to be cleared. I reach again for my pack of smokes feeling like mother nature was trying to help me quit the habit. It ain't happening.

After I lit my smoke, I offer one to the skater. He accepts it without thinking as he lights it quickly, anticipating another gust. The silence is becoming a bit too much, as you can hear the snow fall and the cigarette tobacco sizzling with each inhale. “So, I didn't think it was suppose to storm on the way to Halifax. I take it most of the weather forecasters ended up BS'ing their predictions.”

“Well, if you want to get a reliable forecast, you should listen to the fisherman's weather forecast. They are very accurate. But yeah, most of the radio station and TV forecasts are half ass. You will be misguided by them.” Explained the skater as he took an inhale on the lit smoke looking at me with a bright smile.

Part of me wanted to hit him, and the other part of me wanted to pet him on the head because that smile was really adorable. I just remained quiet and nodded with out making any vocal noise. We finished the rest of our smokes, when we saw the bus driver heading to bus and starting it. “Well, I guess it's time to get back on the bus. And do you mind if I sit with you? I hate being a loner on the bus, plus I kind of like having someone to pester on the ride.”

“Sure why not. At least your not some dimwit, like most of the rest of the passengers on the bus.” I falsely stated as I snickered behind him as we began to approach the bus .

The ride to Halifax was long and tiresome. The skater guy was annoyed that he didn't know my name so I told him as he did too, his name being Shawn. At first I thought I was going to be able to sleep some during the ride, but no. He talked and talked and talked the whole time. I think it made the trip seem longer. He explained to me about his parents ditching him, as he was taken in by his aunt. And how he met his future girl friend. He was hoping to prove himself as a man to hopefully win her over, as he was competing against another guy who is known as the “nemesis” and was already one upping him. He also talked about the school he went to. To be honest it didn't really concern me at all. I was just happy to see the Bus station in hopes to leave the guy behind and enjoy my solitude again.

Slight cheers escaped the other passengers as it seemed they were happy to arrive in Halifax. I quickly grabbed my guitar and begin to proceed to the front of the bus in hopes that Shawn didn't see me... Great. I just realized skater boy went to Shawn now. But before I could hold me breathe, he was there right behind me. I look back and sigh as I thought I lost him for good. I turn my attention back to the front of the bus as I handle my guitar around the buses cramped space making sure not to damage it or ruin it. I stop at the front and nod at the driver. I would have said thanks for the ride, but It felt uncomfortable at the moment. As I get off the bus I look behind and Shawn is no where to be seen. That is until I look over at a car and notice Shawn and two other people all greeting each other. They each laugh and yell out what seems to be an inside joke, as I turn the other way and begin walking towards Barrington street. I hope.

As I begin to walk, I remember I need to find the paper with the address of the place I'm looking for, as I notice the ambiance of feint people chatting mixed with the heavy metal crunching and rubber grinding of all the passing vehicles. At first it was distracting but the sound became soothing and relaxing as I found the paper, and subsequently my apartment building, as I found the paper and realized I was standing in front of the building. The snow was falling at a slow pace, as I looked up in pitch black before entering what would be my home for a long time. I hope.

Each step I took in the building left me a little under breathe. Between the smoking and coldness, it was a killer. I need to quit smoking. I approach the office as I notice a man approach the door and greet me. “Ahhh! Mr O'Haire! I'm so glad you made it here. Have you filled out all the information needed for the lease?”

I nodded as I handed them to him, but he hesitated. Something was up and my stomach was raging an internal war. I hope I wasn't too late. “We do have a slight problem though.”

I gulped as I stared at the elder gentleman. The smell of a dozen or so cooked meals rushed in my nostrils almost making me queasy. “Whats the problem?”

“The problem is the apartment your applying for has JUST been undergoing emergency renovations because of problems the last leaser put it under. But, I do have a solution.”

The frog traveled slowly down my throat as relief sunk in. So I wasn't going to lose my place I guess. I hope. “So what's the solution?”

I notice a familiar voice as the blonde haired person in the office stood up as he began yelling not sure what he is yelling at. “Well, we have a two bedroom apartment available, BUT we need to know if your willing to meet someone else who is willing to do this with you, as his apartment he applied for too is being renovated.”

Pain scorched my stomach. I wasn't quite sure what to make of this situation, when the blonde haired guy opened the door. He held a Skateboard. “Mr O'Haire, meet Mr. Flanning. If you both are willing, to agree on the contract, the apartment is yours.”

Sh-Sh-Shawn?” I belowed as started to feel really uneasy about the whole concept.

Shawn smiled malevolently and nodded as he signed a piece of paper. “So when can we get the key?”

Okay, I think this was rushed a bit, but still, I feel very confident this is the direction I'm going in. Let me know what you think, or if you feel like pointing out grammar mistakes as I know there is PLENTY, or if you feel you need to critique my piece or writing style. I am open to suggestion. I hope you enjoy this, AND I have an important question for the readers/ reviewers; Should i write the next chapter in "Shawns" perspective or stay in Jakobs perspective. Once again, thank you for reading my story and I hope to finish the second chapter in the near future. Till next time ^^
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Re: the Apartment of Punk Skate (will add more chapters) - December 11th 2010, 11:16 PM

I found this interesting. I hope you post more in the future. I think writing it in Shawns perspective would be kind of cool so we can see what he is thinking. However, leaving it in Jakobs perspective would be just fine as well. All in all it is up to you. Hoping to read more soon!

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