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Jennaholt March 20th 2019 03:15 AM

Is this okay
My parents are quite conservative.
I have sex and they don't know I'm sexually active. I sometimes feel bad for betraying their trust but I don't think there's anything wrong with having sex. So I'm 2 ways about it.

Latte March 20th 2019 03:16 PM

Re: Is this okay
Why would you tell your parents you're having sex? Honestly, there's no way telling them would go down well; even more liberal parents aren't very likely to be thrilled that they're kid is having sex because it's like, their mind goes to what about STI's what about an unwanted pregnancy omg omg omg and suddenly they're worried when they logically shouldn't be.

Don't tell them, you have no reason to tell them, for example, you don't need their approval to have sex and it would be extremely weird to look for your parents approval to have sex. Not that said you said you need their approval, but even if you did, it's not likely to happen.

Let's put it this way... I'm literally getting married, I've been living with my fiance for almost 4 years and I have literally never told my parents we're having sex. A) I assume they're not stupid and know we're having sex because I have no strong religious convictions that would prompt me to wait for marriage B) even if I was already married, there's no way my dad wants to know I am having sex, I will always be his little baby and there's no way he wants me to tell him about it and C) there are people I discuss my sex life with, it's not my parents. For example, when I get pregnant, I will tell them when I am pregnant, they don't need to know their baby girl is having unprotected sex.

So yeah, I just feel really strongly that unless you have a very open relationship with your parents, there is no circumstance in which they need to have anything about your sex life confirmed.

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