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SamMarie April 21st 2012 02:31 PM

I'm not good at showing my emotions?
So, my boyfriend and I were having a conversation in the car. We both have a champion personality, except one thing is different about me.. I have a hard time showing emotion. The thing is, I don't show enough emotion to my boyfriend. I kiss him all the time, we make love, we tell each other that we love each other. All of which is true and we couldn't be happier.

Thing is, I can easily shrug things off easily all the time because I completely trust my boyfriend and I find nothing wrong with our relationship. I never over think things with my relationship. For example, "Omg, I'm not impressing you enough." or "What happens if we break up?!" I never overreact to things like that even just the slightest bit. But, he wants emotions like this so he feels satisfied that I care "too much" if that makes sense. He wants to have that slightest problem because otherwise it makes him feel like he's doing something wrong. The thing is, I am always satisfied with him. I don't think anything is really wrong. He doesn't really like that I shrug things off so easily and that he can't sometimes. He even told he he's never had a girlfriend who shrugged things off easily, so, I guess it's just different to him. This isn't a HUGE dilemma in the relationship, but I feel like if I try to solve it quickly through your opinions here, I can save it from becoming a huge dilemma in our relationship if it ever becomes one. When we discussed this in the car, it wasn't like an argument, but I did feel uneasy about it and so did he.

I'm not trying to brag, but I am not a bad looking girl and I do find guys eyeing me up sometimes. And he does too. For example, my boyfriend and I went to go to the gym to play Racquet Ball. I wore shorts and a tank top. On Easter, I wore some pretty short shorts and apparently (I wasn't there), but his uncle stated that I have "good looking legs" to my boyfriend at work yesterday. His Uncle seems to be a perv even though he has a wife and 3 kids. He told me he wants me to feel like, "Omg, this is so romantic. You are so romantic and charming. Being able to do this with you is so special." Because when we played Racquet Ball, I obviously struggled with understanding the game on how to play it and he feels like he failed at what he was trying to make me feel because he thinks I got bored with the game. Which, I do feel like it was special, I just really sucked at the game. x_x He didn't want to just sit around in the house and do nothing and lay around and watch movies all the time. He wanted to be different and impress me more, if that makes sense.

Anyway, I'm trying to figure out why exactly I have these emotion problems where I can't show these emotions fully enough to him. I do love him and he is different than anybody I've been with. I think it's due my last relationship (even though I didn't tell him this through the conversation yesterday) that I showed my fullest emotions that I became FULLY attached to my ex. And In this relationship, I don't want that because when I did that before with my ex and I ended up not caring about myself or my family (My current bf does know this part, but probably not the extent of how I really did feel with my ex at the time). My ex did end up hurting me badly, but It's not a grudge because my current boyfriend is who I'm more in love with more than anything. I think it was the outcome of my last relationship (but, I'm not really sure) that disabled me to show more emotions and my bf is still happy with me and everything and he apologizes for bringing that discussion up, but I started thinking about yesterday and our conversation. Also, I have no feelings with my ex whatsoever, but it's just a primary guess is to why I am this way.

Is this normal? Or am I the one overreacting? We're not fighting or anything, I'm just trying to find an explanation to what he's trying to say and what I should do if I can do anything. I wish I was more of an emotional girl, but I've always been this laid back, easy going girl. If I'm satisfied, I won't say much. If I feel hurt about something, I try to forcefully forget it. It's just my personality. I wish I could show more emotion like he wants.

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