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quietteen12 May 27th 2015 04:55 AM

i dont know what to do
so i was dating this guy and i had a mental breakdown one day and pushed him and all my friends away
but he was the one person who made me happy
i havent been able to sleep or eat much
i miss him like crazy
he still talks to me saying its his fault and that he is sorry but its not his fault at all its mine
i hurt him and he found another girl who is way better
it kills me to see them together
it kills me to talk to him but it hurts more if i dont talk to him..
i have no clue what im supposed to do
my mind makes this seem way worse than it really is
i just wanna be able to sleep at night without him on my mind
what do i do here?

xyzman May 27th 2015 07:59 AM

Re: i dont know what to do
the thing is it wont change over night i know i have been going through something vary similar at the moment so feel free to PM me any time if you need help

If you care so much for him why did you push him away and do you still talk to him? How long where you together?
Sorry for the questions it whould help me understand the situation better

And how do you know he dosent want to be with you that he is just with this girl to keep his mind off some of the pain he is in that he still has feelings for you but the way he is hurting he turend to this girl for help for compashon to help him through his pain

Sorry for spelling im on my phone lol

BeautifulDisaster95 May 27th 2015 05:03 PM

Re: i dont know what to do
Sweetie this is the time when you go reconnect with your friends. He's moved on as you said he found another girl. So it is important to reconnect with your friends and go out and do something that you haven't done with them in a long time. Isolating yourself is the worst thing you could do, we need people. So try to reconnect with your friends or find a hobbie, join a church, join a sport. There is so much you can do!

:) Stay postive! PM me if you need anything!

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