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usedskin August 28th 2009 06:20 PM

I know it's a little long but please HELP ME!
I just broke up with my boyfriend of 2 and a half years this morning. We live(d) together and we constantly argue about small things but they eventually turn into bigger things. It always seems to go back to the same thing in the end though he tells me "Get your shit and leave!" and I don't argue with it because I WANT to leave I don't like living with him. Once I get my things though he'll start crying and begging me to stay.

This is how our argument started...
I was laying down and he was sleeping and I was messing with him I bit his chin and I didn't think I bit it too hard but he woke up and said "That hurt I'm trying to sleep stop" and then a couple of minutes later I did it again but again I didn't think I bit too hard and he woke up yelled at me "I told you to stop it! Great! now you woke me up!" he got up and went to the other room I waited a couple of minutes then I got up and followed him and before I could say anything he turned around and said "if you have plans today then go or go to your parents house cause I want to sleep" and I didn't say anything I just went into the bathroom. When I got out he was in the living room and before he could say anything I said "I'm going to my parents house". I went into the room to get my purse and he started yelling at me "fine if you wanna leave then get all of your shit!".

After that everything turned into yelling and screaming him calling me names, pushing me, cornering me and him raising his hands at me punching the wall behind me and pushing me down to the floor yelling in my face me crying and telling him to get out of the way because I was living then him telling me not to leave and crying and threating me telling me he was going to kill himself if I left and him actually grabbing a knife and putting up to his wrists.

Honestly I'm just so tired of dealing with this every day and I know he is too. But we're never going to change he'll always have temper problems and I'll always be stubborn. Every time I'm there in the moment with him arguing I just know this isn't how things are suppose to be and I shouldn't be with him. But now I'm at my parent's house (they don't know yet) and I just keep thinking should I go back and apologize because no matter what I know he'll be there to take me back or should I stay here with my parents keep going to college find a job and be free with no worries of money problems.

Please please please help me!
What should I do...

Rhop101 August 28th 2009 06:35 PM

Re: I know it's a little long but please HELP ME!

Wow I've got to say that's horrible. I think you should leave him I know how much it will hurt him, but what he is doing to you is horrible. I think you should stay with your parents go to college find a job and be free of debt or worry about money, if you meet another guy along the way that's great, but being in an abusive relationship just isn't healthy for you and it will just bring you down with him and one day he could actually hurt you instead of the punching the wall even if he didn't mean too. I'm sorry this has happened. There are definitely better guys out there that will treat you with respect.

Good Luck
and you can PM if you ever need to talk

usedskin August 28th 2009 07:12 PM

Re: I know it's a little long but please HELP ME!
You don't know how much it hurt reading that because I know it's the truth.

Rhop101 August 28th 2009 08:54 PM

Re: I know it's a little long but please HELP ME!
I'm sorry, but I'm trying to give you best advice I can.

I know you care about him too even if I didn't say that because you wouldn't be in the relationship if you didn't and it will be hard but it's the inconvenient truth I'm sorry. At least you two should have a break and then decide if you want to be in a relationship still, but leaving him is sadly the best answer to your problem.

I hope other people can give some advice as well , but we will have to see.

Also, everyone on the site is willing to talk to you if you need someone to talk to while your going through all this.
Good Luck to you

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