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Re: I feel like i'm at the end. - March 4th 2013, 09:36 AM

idk... i got my knife and told her im leaving so she called the police... i waited to see the doctor and he gave me anti depressants and when she saw me in the streets she asked me to come home so i entertained her but when i was there my gran was there and she was nothing but horrible to me about the whole thing calling me selfish and stupid and saying that i talk in circles... They both say i talk in circles but i keep trying to explain to them what i'm saying until i get a response from them that shows they understand but they never do... so i gave up on explaining anything to them they both have the same flaw that they never learnt to understand, they just take the parts that they want to hear and ignore the parts they don't. my mum said i belong at the top floor of the qmc (crazy people ward) because people that self harm are retarded and crazy but she's just ignorant. And it just turns out she wants me to give her money rather than caring about my well being. but whatever i guess it just proves the point that i shouldn't be in this world

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