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Re: My best friend - March 11th 2013, 07:33 AM

Hey Libby.

I get what you mean as well. Shortly before I was born my family got a cat, and we had him for about ten years (he was already an adult when he came to us). It was incredibly hard to watch him get older, and to see his body start shutting down. Towards the end we had to take turns holding him and feeding him because he was too weak to do it himself. It took me months before I could even bear to look at a photograph of him after his passing.

Pets are family, like Chris said, so it's natural to be feeling the way you are. Just remember that these feelings are perfectly natural, and part of the grieving process. Don't try to rationalise it and say 'he was just a pet' or tell yourself you shouldn't be feeling this bad. He was an important part of your life for a long time, so of course you're going to miss him and have trouble moving on without him. One thing I found helpful was (when I was ready) talking to other people who knew him - sharing stories, photos, memories. Remembering the good times can help you get through the loss. The other most important thing is time. It sounds cliché, but it works. It may not be soon, but one day you'll be able to look back on his life with a smile, instead of being blinded by tears because of his death. So give yourself time, and let yourself grieve. You'll get through this.

Take care.

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