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Re: What is your view on Pro Ana/Mia? Thinspiration? - April 4th 2013, 11:09 PM

I don't think that looking at these websites alone will make a person become anorexic or bulimic. I know that there are a great many people who would come across a site like that and be horrified that anyone would want to glorify such a challenging and dangerous behaviour/disorder. Assuming that these websites are going to "turn" perfectly healthy people into people with eating disorders would be like thinking that all the scary skinny modelsque people out there are going to turn all the "fatter" people into people with an ED. The break down is definitely not that simple. I think that there are people who are predisposed to having eating disorders, there are people who feel as though their life is out of control and that the only thing they can control is their food, I know people who are extremely insecure and feel that their self worth is derived disproportionately out of their appearance, what ever the psychological/emotional reason is there IS a deep deep reason for how a person would end up with an eating disorder and I think that if you are sort of on that "slippery slope", shall i say, where their having trouble with it that maybe seeing this kind of website or this kind of promotion where the media is calling someone fat when they aren't etc. might only serve to legitmate their cause... But I don't think that seeing a pro-ana site alone is just going to cause someone to think "oh, what a good idea, I want to try that".

That being said, did you know that people apparently have said that Jennifer Lawrence needs to lose weight? Which she doesn't, she's "human sized" thin, not "scary scare crow" thin which is a refreshing thing to see in hollywood. And I'm guessing you noticed that people have a field day every few months over how Angelina Jolie looks like she's anorexic and instead of sending condolences and hoping she gets help they maliciously report it with other gossip? I do think that people see a lot of things on the internet and in the media that can exaggerate or further develop insecurities about body image.

The one thing that I hate is when people try to tell you that "no, you don't need to lose weight because you are a normal size" and they go on to explain that the average size of Canadian and American women is something in the plus sizes. And I don't think that's a good thing to be announcing either. I think it is important to be HEALTHY and there are down falls to carrying to much excess weight and there are down falls to not having enough weight... I think that the problem is that our culture values being thin so much it gives people unrealistic expectations of what they should look like. It leads to young women wanting to be skinny instead of young women wanting to be healthy. And I do not think that the right way to counter this mentality is by trying to make it ok to be carrying excess weight and trying to justify the promotion of a standard that I believe is just as unhealthy (promotion of "don't try to lose weight, it's normal to be overweight"). I don't think it has to be one of the other which is the problem. I think people need to spend A LOT more time promoting being healthy, promoting self esteem and embracing your figure no matter it's size. I say this realizing that people will always compare themselves to others but I do know it is possible because I had to learn that myself, i had to learn how to stop hating my figure for not being petite. I am not particularly thin and I have been working my ass off to try to improve it because I know it is not healthy, I know that if i stay overweight i will just continue getting larger and larger as i get older and thats bad for my health because it puts me at higher risks for stuff. But it took me a LONG time for it to get to that point where I embraced myself and didn't make it about being thin. In fact, when I finally cracked down on my weight to lose it all I was afraid of what would happen because I have shown warning signs of being *at least* on the borderline of having an eating disorder.

Its a very complicated mess, but I think that society in general needs to get the priorities straight about what they are promoting (ex. healthy living vs. just being thin for the sake of being thin). I think that living healthy is the key and you will be of a healthy weight by doing so. Just people need to stop promoting either being to thin OR being overweight. The problem is that they're trying to promote a figure, an appearance, instead of a lifestyle. Hell, I could say right now I've got boobs, I've got curves, a big butt and I am built athletically, my figure rocks, so why lose weight? People will always want something different about their body. A smaller nose, bigger boobs, smaller boobs, bigger butt, smaller butt, they'll wish their hair wasn't so curly or so frizzy or so straight, they'll wish that they were thinner or that they could just not be sooooo damn petite or that they could be taller or that they could be shorter cuase they hate towering over people or they'll wish that they had more curves or less curves. It'll always be something in a "if I could change anything I'd do this..." mentality and for some people that manifests itself in an extreme way and becomes an eating disorder, not just a "hmmm if I could" thought... People idealize a certain body type, and what is that even? because there is no "special group of people" out there who all embody those traits while we "trolls" are left in the ditch. So that to me is the problem. In that people want to LOOK a certain way over wanting to LIVE a certain way and I think that this is a large contributing factor. Thank you society for idolizing thinness over health.

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