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Re: Smoking weed to help anxiety - April 10th 2013, 03:03 PM

mmm...Ok.There are a few things you should know about weed before you start thinking of using it to control anxiety.You mentioned Sertraline and that youre using that,which is fine.But if your on an anti-dep you might want to think twice about using weed.

Sertraline produces primarily Seritonin ,and a lot of it.Cannabis produces Seritonin,Dopamine and Noradrenaline.The Dopamine and Seritonin gives you the sedative effect,but,noradrenalin makes your heart-rate speed up,pushes your bloodpressure up and makes you wont however feel it because youre high.Dopamine is secreted by the brain naturally as a "reward mechanism" e.g youve done extremely well on an exam -its that awesome,amazing feeling you feel is due to achieving something youve worked for.With weed youre fooling your brain into thinking you are amazing and youve done something spectacular,problem is just youve actually done nothing except created a very easy and dangerous way of escaping life when you see fit.Sertraline is a drug in a way yes,but you dont drink copious amounts at on sitting at sporadic intervals do you(and dont try drinking more sertraline than prescribed please,you could acquire seritonin-syndrome and slip into a coma)?And why?Because youll be an emotional rollercoaster and think completely irrationally.If you smoke weed every time youre feeling very anxious youll be training your brain to want it every time you do.Im not the type that says:"just jog it of" or "go do something positive",anxiety is a horrible thing to cope with,but please just bear in mind that weed isnt harmless.Ive seen 2 people literally go crazy as a result of cannabis.They both have Schizophrenia now and have to be on anti-psychotics for the rest of their lives.

If youre still feeling pretty anxious on Sertraline(and thats very possible) id suggest speaking to you doctor about going on an anti-dep which also produces a bit extra dopamine as well like Luvox,Fluoxetine or Molipaxin.The effect wont be immediate,but after a week youll be able to take life on with full force again without the risk of psychosis.