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Wow I am so confused about myself - June 21st 2013, 10:45 PM

So I grew up just assuming I was straight. I thought guys were handsome, I had a boyfriend or two, but I was never really happy. I'm not thrilled by the whole idea of sex, and penises are just weird in my opinion..

I recently was like "alright, I'm probably bi. Girls are adorable and having a relationship would be awesome, but guys are still cute. And I can end up being with a guy in the end because that is easier and expected of me." I have three straight sisters, I feel very stressed about being the only lesbian one.

But lately, I'm like "wow I really want a girlfriend" and the difference between male and female relationships is so grande, I seem to prefer girls. I told my friend, a gay guy, and he named a bunch of male celebrities I love and said since I still find them attractive, I'm still bi.

But I also worked at a horse breeding farm, and I know what qualities put together an attractive horse. If I can find a horse attractive, am I now suddenly into bestiality?

Romantically, I feel like I'd be able to get closer to a girl than I ever could with a guy. But I know that it'd just be easier if I'd be with a guy, even though I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be happy at all or at least not as happy as I would be with a girl.

I'm just.. so confused and this gay guy is throwing me off because yeah, some guys are cute, but it's not like I'm like "I would date you" or "get in my bed." It is all "you are talented and have a nice face."