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Re: Look for Black Widows in Your Grapes - April 4th 2009, 11:11 PM

Originally Posted by primus diddy View Post
Meh, people freaking about this stuff is bound to happen when we're all so detached from nature/our growers. You have to expect bugs on and around your produce. Just wash it before you eat it.

I was doing prep at the restaurant I worked at and had to wash a particular type of greens that comes in loose heads. I forgot the name. They told me to salt the water to kill the snails that like to hang out in it. They also told me to try to get all the snails out, but they would be handled twice more before they came to a plate (removed from the head and washed again, put on the plate by a cook who is looking for stuff like that too). I've never seen anything poisonous, but that's just because no poisonous bugs live in Maine (to my knowledge) where we grow our produce.

Any time you buy or grow organic you have to be aware that stuff like this is going to happen, especially if it comes from tropical climates.
Exactly, plus knowledge is power - once you learn what's poisonous and what is not life gets much easier