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Re: just had to get this off my chest - July 4th 2013, 04:10 AM

This would be a great time to explore other belief systems and religions.

I started questioning Christianity when I was 14. After reading the Torah, Isaiah, the gospels and acts I realized I didn't believe in Christianity anymore.
There are some religious people who say suffering brings you closer to God if that answers your question at all.

You should consider your religion and other religions deeply. If there is a God I'm sure he would not be offended by someone wanting to seek out the truth.

Reading the bible is a good idea. I deepened my understanding of Christianity by learning about what Jews believe and the Jewish scriptures.
I recommend against just reading the hand picked parts to affirm the Christian worldview. The Torah has some very violent stories in it and at times it becomes so boring just going into nitty-gritty of laws, but it's worth reading. Ruth and Esther are nice stories about two women in the Jewish scriptures. The Gospels and acts would be good to read.

I posted these links before, but you might find them of interest. (I've noticed before that a link to a classic theological work was on a fundamentalist website of dubious quality. Beware that not every link might be great)

This is a book by an agnostic author who argues in favor of Jesus existing:

Christian scholar's writings: