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re: Non-PG13 (Strong Language): What's happening?!? - July 10th 2013, 11:36 AM

Sometimes we start to slip and everything starts hurting way more than usual. It's hard to keep a barrier up all the time, but that's okay. It's okay to feel this way sometimes as long as we know how to get ourselves out of it.

When everything feels like it's piling in on you like the thoughts you mentioned about your studies, slow down and pick it apart into manageable chunks. You can write that paragraph, you can fill in that sheet, you can read that chapter. By ticking things off slowly it becomes more manageable and way less scary.

Also, ask yourself, if there is something you can't do in the end then what really is the harm? I know some things are important but sometimes you've just got to think "I'm still here, I'm healthy and I'm fine". Sometimes we can't do everything we want to do and that's fine.

"If you're not failing sometimes it's a sign you're not doing anything very innovative"

When your symptoms physically begin to show like the breathlessness then get yourself into a safe space (which you did) and breathe slowly. In through the mouth, out through the nose. You should take between 13-16 breaths a minute when resting.

About the sleep. Sometimes it sucks if you can't sleep. You probably already use these techniques but I find lavender oil, soothing music and having time to rest before actually sleeping helps. Also hot milk or chamomile tea.

I hope you get proper sleep of course but if you can't sleep then laying in the dark and allowing your thoughts to empty is really great for you. Just allow your mind to wonder (but not on important things, more imaginary things, like dreaming when awake). Part of sleeping is dreaming and without the ability to dream we often don't get a way to 'work off' our worries, meaning they get us more in our day to day life.

Lastly, please don't cut. You deserve so much more. I know sometimes you just feel desperate and backed into a corner but my love you're not. Sorry it took so long for someone to answer this but I hope you're okay, and (I don't know what time zone you're in) but perhaps you got some sleep?

Take care.

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