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Re: I love my friend. - August 10th 2013, 06:33 AM

It sounds like both you and your friend have serious health issues around diet, exercise and weight (with you being excessively obese and her being underweight). Now I guess your health issues are a whole other can of worms (and I'm sure that at least maybe you know what is going on there so what ever). I know she says she won't forgive you if you tell someone but I really think you have too. Of course, if it is as bad as you say I am shocked no one else has done something yet, but who knows, some peoples parents are busy and/or oblivious and/or not there and some teachers might not care/notice either. I'd tell someone. She'll be mad at first, that's true, she might feel you betrayed her "big" secret, but really, to her being dead might not seem possible, she's probably just to consumed by this ordeal that she's not being realistic about what she's doing to herself. Fasting on your own is not a good approach, she might be to self-absorbed to really care, and I don't mean that in a bad way either, I mean, I do, but not because she's a bad person (as in evil, self-centered, no not that way at all), it's more like she just might be so "locked in" on this preoccupation that she won't be able to focus on saving herself to save you, like she might be justifying it to herself how her actions are ok and thus it might blind her to why it's a problem in others. So don't hurt yourself to make the ends. Just tell someone. She'll forgive you eventually when she gets better.

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