Thread: Female Advice Preferred: What's the most major turn-off for girls?
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Re: What's the most major turn-off for girls? - August 23rd 2013, 04:10 AM

1. Bad hygiene! Defs agree there

2. Smoking! Ew ew ew ew... No offense to smokers on this site, but it's a disgusting habit and there is nothing grosser then kissing a guy who smokes and it's just rude when a guy has to get up and leave while eating dinner at a restaurant for a cigarette.

3. Bad personality!I If your rude, making negative comments towards people, always having a negative attitude towards stuff, whiney, mean, etc that's just unattractive. Like if you go and get all huffy with a waiter cause (s)he made a mistake in the order it's like er... really?, couldn't have been nicer about that? So be nice, polite, respectful and open minded

4. Not being an intellectual! This isn't necessarily a "turn off" per se, but it is something I'd need to be attracted to a guy long term, if I can't connect to a guy on a deeper level I'd be bored and uninterested in him, I want to be able to learn from him just like he can learn from me and be able to have intelligent discussions . I highly value personal growth, like trying to learn new things and such...

5. Laziness! I am an active busy person, so if you have poor exercise habits, eat badly and are just generally lazy with school and jobs and such as well that'll bug me...

I basically want to feel like my partner values his health, his job and education, and personal growth.

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