Thread: Female Advice Preferred: What's the most major turn-off for girls?
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Re: What's the most major turn-off for girls? - August 24th 2013, 12:24 AM

Hygiene is an extreme must for me. There's nothing worse than a really bad odour from a person, especially coming from 'down there'. A guy not keeping his bits clean is a major off-put for me especially when it comes to sex and then I'm just not in the mood and end up not being in the future because of the fear of the potentially unwashed man parts.

Another thing for me is a guy who'd actually listen, I've had a guy tell me how he's good at listening and such but when it all boiled down to it, I never was and behaviour like this can make a person feel really unloved.

Third would be a good general personality, I don't want a guy who isn't committed to me, who doesn't respect or understand me. I want a guy who'd be there for me and not be absorbed in themselves. I don't like sex-crazed guys. It's such a turn off and it's not a nice feeling thinking a guy wants to just get between your legs and that's that. A final thing for me would be maturity. That's extremely important.

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