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Re: Atheism: A Blind Religious Trend? - September 23rd 2013, 10:08 PM

I've noticed the same thing as you Mike, it has to be said (albeit from the other side of the coin as it were ). People use the term "atheist" and claim to be thus without actually comprehending fully what that means - as you say, disagreeing with the Bible or Christianity alone doesn't make you an atheist. I suspect part of the issue may be that in popular debate a lot of atheistic campaigning (as it were) has been focused on Christianity - unsurprisingly given it's the main belief system in the Western world where a lot of this happens - which may lead people to narrow their focus. I suspect another part of the issue, quite frankly, is that a lot of popular discourse on religion is pretty shallow. Let's be honest, "The God Delusion" is unlikely to be considered a leading text in the history of philosophy of religion anytime soon, and nor for that matter are many of the books written in response. Basically, all sides of the debate could really do with a broader education on the topic - if for no other reason than it might lead to a rational, respectful discourse on the subject rather than the vitriol and bile which tends to get hurled around more often than not.

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If you're referring to dr2005's response, it's not complex, however, he has a way with words .
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