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Re: depression&anger, emotional eating... cigarettes? - April 7th 2009, 09:15 AM

I understand completely what you are going through. I went through the same situation except with my father.

First of all you need to do something to keep yourself busy. When you are busy it closes the time that you spent thinking about the bad in your life. If you are worried about your weight then join a gym or go bike riding. Not only will it help you lose weight but it will help take your mind off of things at release stress and negative energy. I know at many gyms that have punching bags that are available for use. Maybe taking your anger and frustration out on an object would help. I used the ones at my gym and they helped me tremendously.

Another thing is... you shouldn't hide your pain and anger from her. If you tell her then she can not come back and use it against you that you did not inform her of your feelings. Use the "I feel" method. For example if she makes you mad about not listening to you then simply say "Mom, I feel upset about you not listening to what I have to say. I need you to pay more attention to me and help me to mend our relationship." You could also try writing her a letter and explaining everything to her. She won't know unless you tell her.

If she seems to be too ignorant or stubborn to listen to you, then my advice is to save up money and leave. Eventually as she gets older she will need someone to take care of her and she will want someone around. By that time you will be out of her life and she will have to face how she treated you.

I would agree with your friend that a counselor will help you. I went to one and I felt so much relief from talking to her about all my issues. A counselor will help you to deal with your stress and conflicts in a healthy and proper way. It is also nice to just get out everything that is bottling up inside of you.

I hope that I have helped. If you have any questions or need someone to talk to, just private message me. I hope everything works out for you!

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