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Question Advice: Please - November 2nd 2013, 06:27 PM

I really need advise.

I've been living here for 11 months already and I've endured some pretty weird shit here. I guess it's tipping to the top.

I rent a room from my landlord, I have two other roommates and his mother lives here as well. Over the course of some time weird shit has been happening, I don't mean the weird people coming in or parties or anything of that nature.

His (landlord) mother lives here and does some pretty weird shit. She watches us cook, wants to know what we're doing and such. She doesn't speak our language, which is fine, but there are things that shouldn't even be fucking... I have no idea.

I talked to my roommate and he hates her, being loud, has people over, talks loudly, it rude, wants to know what we do, who we bring over, shit like that.

So, she has her friends over, they are fucking loud as shit but when we have a friend over she wants to know everything, she is rude about it. It's like it's okay for her to have people over and be loud at all hours of the day/night but when we have a friend over, it's not okay.

My mail has been opened twice. Can't do anything about it (I'm thinking of waiting for the mail person at the box showing my ID and getting my mail that way, explain to the mail carrier what is going on) because last time it was checked was October 20th. Not that I don't get mail.

Today, I put my recyclables in the bin found my garbage bag I put in the garage opened and contents out... like what the fuck?! I'm sorry no one needs to fucking know my trash, no one needs to go through my trash because it's fucking trash in a black trash bag.

I'm going to ask my roommate kindly if he and I can go for a walk, away from the house and talk about this. It's ridiculous as shit and I don't understand.

My room is a total mess and I know they look at it when I'm not here. My room is my business, I am not doing drugs, I am not doing anything stupid...

My question is other than the obvious to "move out," is there anything I can do? I am sending him a text message asking him to check the mail more often. My friend made a point of, what if a doctor sent you an appointment time and we receive the letter 2 weeks after it was sent and you missed that appointment.

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