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Re: I'm still alive,although I wished it otherwise - November 26th 2013, 03:15 PM

Hey dez,thank you for the help,I'll probably get thru all this shiz some day,but for now I just want to be alone to think about I don't know what but I'll figure something out,I'm actually too shy to ask for help,I've been shy since I can remember,I don't know how to talk to people and I don't know what to say,I also don't know what to do for people to want to get to know me,I know lots of friend but they don't want anything to do with me even on facebook I only have 17 people but they never reply to anything,I only have this one friend that's always been there,the one that saved me,I want people to care about me and show that they do but maybi its because I'm just too weird for them,I also know that people will accept me as I am but it seems no one wants to,I am living a lie behind this fake smile of mine and they believe that smile,they can not see thru it,the hurt and pain that I have and when I want to talk they are not available so I don't know what to do or think about anymore,also I don't like hospitals,they freak me out,and I don't want to see any therapists here,all I want is for someone to hug me and show that they care,I want that someone special in my any suggestions on what to do so that I can feel special and live a happy loveable live and would be appreciated would be helpfull