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Re: Took in a Guinea Pig today. - December 5th 2013, 04:38 PM

Thank you very much everyone!

Originally Posted by Skyways and Starlights View Post
Aww, that was very nice of you to take in a new pet! I hope she gets checked out and is in the clear from health issues.

How are the babies?
They are good! I have Dumbo still, haven't gotten an update on the two girls, boo, and actually just the other day had an update from the male I rehomed. Him and his cage mate are doing great, but sadly she's looking to rehome them due to tragedy & health. My best friend is going to be taking them though.

Originally Posted by DedeTHESeed View Post
I have a guinea Pig too! His name is Wookie, do you know where the name reference is from? Guess?

Has anything happened since then?

Yoshi is super duper uber adorable

No, no idea! Hehe, of course I know!
Nope, nothing new and exciting! She's looking a lot better than when she was at the feed store. She just looks a lot ... cleaner and clearer; if you get me.

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