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Re: Devastated feelings that even I don't understand. - February 15th 2014, 06:23 AM

Hi there buddy,
i know how you must be feeling, been there myself.
and yeah it's true, that teenagers face these kind of difficulties but you don't have to be one...
as for your feelings, you know, humans are social creatures, and nobody likes to be alone, however it's not necessary to have friends to be happy, you can be happy by yourself but still you should try to make friends, it won't happen overnight, but eventually you will have friends...
As for your grades, you don't have to get A+ in every subject, but try set goals for yourself and then try to achieve it...
and lets face it, Most of the population on earth... feels school is hard
SO don't worry, these feelings are temporary, unless you want them to be permanent, so just try to relax, enjoy your hobbies, have fun alone and just be unique in your OWN way...

P.S - Maybe you didn't realize, Everyone is your friend here...

When you think you are not happy with your LIFE,

Always know that someone is Happy simply because YOU exists...