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Re: I want to be intoxicated... - March 3rd 2014, 09:53 PM

Originally Posted by Jordioa18 View Post
Ironically enough, my ex is supporting me.
I'm glad you have someone to support you. As I said, if you aren't fighting an addiction, there's nothing wrong with enjoying drinking sometimes. Just try to be responsible about it, and don't rely on it to deal with your problems. Once you sober up, the problems are still there, so its good to try deal with them directly. Its understandable in the meantime you will sometimes want a quick relief, and I get that, but you need to find other ways to overcome these problems in the long term, as alcohol will not always be a solution. I say this as someone who did this for years. I still enjoy drinking sometimes, but I do it for fun now with friends, and I find I have a much healthier relationship with alcohol now.

Originally Posted by 8!n4ry8unny View Post
Lol, the irony... (your name is intoxication )
An in my defence (actually R.S.'s defence), i must say that jordi said that he likes to be intoxicated because he feels better. He has too much worries, and wants to relax from time to time, just let go and dont care about anything else, for a certain amount of time...
Also, Nicole, while i see that your adult hormones have kicked in and thats great, you have to realize that saying intoxication is bad for teens, it wont actually do anything. The worlds situation is too bad for them to listen. Thats why i went with a diffrent route, i didnt ban it, i just made a few tips and tricks so he can relax, but without consequences...
I get that you mean well, and to some extent, I agree with some of what you advised. Realistically, a lot of young people will drink (and I was definitely guilty of this myself), and so we should be there for people who are doing this. But some of the information you provided is not in fact accurate. And its not safe, even occasionally to get totally wasted, because that is when people act stupid and get hurt, or suffer from alcohol poisoning (which has lead to a number of deaths). It is a decision the OP will have to make for himself, but lets give him accurate information to make that decision with, not just a green light.