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Why so extreme? - March 13th 2014, 02:09 AM

When I was little (up untill sixth grade), I was extremely hyper active. I couldn't listen, remember, or sit still. I talked nonstop and windmilled around the house all day. I was constantly hyper and excited about everything. I never did what coaches and teachers asked because I was too busy bouncing around to listen. I swam and lost my goggles every other day. My desk and locker was a constant mess (not to mention my room). When I hit sixth grade, I got depressed. I immediatly calmed down due to lack of energy. I wasn't happy or bouncy. I quit talking so much. I still have a lot of difficulty concentrating and remembering things. I am not organized. Basically, the only thing I lost was my energy. Could their be a reason for my lack of focus and constant fidgiting if I am not hyper anymore?