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Re: Meditation? - April 13th 2014, 12:26 PM

Lucky me, all I prefer to do is just close my eyes. I learned how to have a clear mind several years ago when I was studying Thelema, though I can't really say I recall what the instructions were. What I do after clearing my mind depends on what I'm meditating for. For the most part, when I meditate, it's so I don't get carsick, or so I can relax if I get a sensory overload. So I usually do nothing after that, although from time to time I will do some visualization of either chakras or qi flow. The visualizations can really lead to some amazing dreams sometimes. But then again, if I have my MP3 player with me, then I often prefer to use binaurals instead which are the easier alternatives for the purposes I meditate. Because sometimes I'm too lazy to do mental exercises for myself, haha.