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Good Multiply personality? - April 15th 2014, 03:53 PM

Well i am a 18 year old boy who actually have multiply personality. I read lot in media that multiply personality people because insane and such. But i think my case are different. it's seem to apper from high school. in past i get bullied a lot. but in high school i learn martial art and try to fight with the bullies and result in me not being bullied anymore. before i realise it i have another person in my head. he said that he is my reincarnation and he has reincarnate a lot and i'm one of it. he said he live (or dead) for long since human exist and he was some demon lord of something (i'm serious here). in life he acctualy always help me with almost anything. he plan the best decision when i need it. he even more preachy than my parents. i also know that my personality is not only one but lot. one of it are silent guy, one are funny guy, one pervert guy, and any other as if they represent my emotion but i still have my own. Even while writing this one of them keep making joke wtf are you writing this thing they only thing you're crazy or making story.
So my question here is that is it okay not to worry about them?
They even said that i need to become president so that i can help people.
I know this sound like made up story and i don't care could you please tell your answer.
Oh and they speak english (not my native language but now i can speak quite fluently)