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Good books I read! - April 15th 2014, 11:27 PM

This thread has been labeled as containing spoilers. The contents of this thread might therefore describe important elements of a storyline that could ruin it for you. Please take this into consideration before continuing to read.

So I have nobody to really share this with but I am gonna review some books!

Shatter Me Series by Taherth Mafi (I hope spelling is right)
I loved it all! The first book Juliette escapes this asylum to be used for military purposes and you just hate Warner who is the leader. You will love Adam until the second book. Then you will hate Adam and semi hate Warner and by the third book you realize Warner is perfect and Adam was not a good match because he didn't truly love who she really was. I love the idea of the abilities they had! I loved and felt bad for poor Kenji.

The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken (2 book series I believe)
I liked the idea of it but I also disliked it. Not my favorite but still liked it enough to recommend. I loved the idea of this dystopian world and I loved the idea of how it was set up and the characters were just great. One thing I disliked was the feeling they were doing nothing but running and never did anything else.

Fallen Crest Series by Tijan (So far I believe there are three maybe four books not sure if the alterno version is out yet either)

This is a high school story with twists and turns. Sam's parents are divorcing and her mom is making her move into the new house with her new boyfriend who happens to have two boys. Mason and Logan who are mr populars! Everyone loves them and evetuall she falls for mason and so the begin to have a very close relationship. She then find out her dad is not her real dad but step dad and her real dad is dating masons mother. then you learn more and her life is just turned upside down.

*****Favorite so far this month!!!
The Testing series is amazing! If you liked hunger games and divergent grab this book!!
Cia is picked for the testing to further her education. She goes to tosu city to start the process and finds out that making mistakes and giving wrong answers can cost you your life. The second book is her at the university and how her memory was wiped but she realizes thanks to help that it is just as bad as the testing.
Waiting to read the third book.... I need to know about the redirected!!!

here are a list of books that I have read and recommend without explaining.

Wish I May 1
Stolen Wishes2
The Mind readers1
The mind thieves2
The Mind games3
The deepest cut1
few are Angels1
Broken Silence (gos with silence)
The PLedge
Th Midnight Witch

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