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Re: is this normal.?? - April 21st 2014, 12:11 AM

Personally, I see this as normal. Sometimes when we want people to listen or talk to us but no one will, we tend to turn to ourselves for comfort. At least we know we'll listen and talk to ourselves, even if no one else will. Not forgetting that in our heads everyone has a conscience and sometimes it 'talks' to us and we talk to 'it' and we call it by our name and we feel like we're talking to ourselves because we're effectively reasoning with ourselves on the actions we have or are going to take. Talking out aloud can be similar and it's not necessarily limited to when we're feeling down like you've mentioned, but when we're carrying out daily tasks too. All kinds of people do it, there's nothing wrong it it providing it doesn't breach the boundaries of what is considered 'normal', which in this respect would be talking to someone who isn't there, who you think you can see and so on.

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