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Re: Perm on coloured hair. - April 28th 2014, 11:53 PM

My issue with keeping my hair conditioned is that I have really greasy hair. With just a normal wash, I can *almost* make 24 hours before it starts to look gross. With most conditioners, it can look greasy from the minute it's dry. The problem with the perm, from asking around, is that the chemicals are really harsh on your hair, and some people have had dyed hair literally falling out after getting it permed because the chemicals used (despite being a LOT better than 10 years ago) killed their hair.
Seeing as I can't get it this week, I am holding off a little while. My godmother is going to speak to her hairdresser for me and see what she thinks since she is really good. I'd have to wait anyway because I dyed my hair an hour ago when I realised I couldn't perm it in the next week or so and didn't want to keep going about with my roots growing in so much.

For the moment, I've generally been advised to invest in a good heat protection spray, use mousse if possible (god knows what that'll do to the state of my hair if conditioner makes it gross) and keep curling until either my colour grows out and my hair is all natural, or it's *at least* been a couple of months since it was last coloured.

Whether or not it's a good idea to go ahead with it, is still up for debate. xD

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