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Re: Anxious Abigail - May 7th 2014, 02:45 PM


I understand somewhat where you are coming from. I have never been diagnosed with any anxiety disorders. I do know what it is like though to feel like people were laughing at me and to be isolated from everyone else. That is pretty much how my middle and high school years were. I cannot say I have an answer that will be able to help you specifically but I think you should keep talking to your counselor and psychiatrist. Is Suzanna your counselor or psychiatrist? I know when they ask me those types of questions (or when people in general do) I hate it as well because I do not know how to answer because I do not really understand myself. I think though you should explain as best as you can though, they really want to help you but since your anxiety is within you, it is hard for them to understand it and how it makes you feel and what your panic attacks are like unless you explain. it is hard and scary but the more you open up, the more help you can receive.
Also, searching online for breathing exercises you can do when you get anxious might be helpful. They will not just help right away. You have to keep practicing them. Start using them in a place you get low levels of anxiety and then increase to using them in school and at other places. Over time, you should be somewhat calmer.
Another thing you can do is create positive instead of negative views about your situation. For instance, instead of "they are laughing at me or about me", keep thinking, "They are laughing about something they are talking about and not me." It takes time and the help of others but you can reduce this anxiety.
Lastly, You can join activities with others that have similar interests as you. Do you enjoy writing, sports or other things? If so, you can find clubs or activities through your school where you can do these things and this can help you connect with people.
I really hope this reply has been helpful and that things improve for you.

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