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Re: Possible help on information - May 25th 2014, 10:11 PM


I am sorry I did not reply to this sooner.
We are not able to give you links to chatrooms, forums or other similar websites to that of TH.
it could be helpful for you to research through Google or whichever search engine you like, websites that fit what you are looking for. I am unsure if they exist but they probably do with the amount of websites and groups online.
In terms of finding any help on TH specifically, you can use the search box to look up what you would like. There may be a forum or two or even a social group.
If there is not a social group, you could create one and then link to it in your signature and see if other people on TH will join the group. Then you could have a community of people here that you could discuss traumatic brain injury with.
I hope this is helpful for you and that you find what you are looking for.

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