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Need to chill out :( - June 4th 2014, 11:04 AM

I feel really stressed quite easily, and I feel like I am always making things a bigger deal then they actually are. I have difficulty getting over little mistakes and any disagreements I have with people, long after everyone else stopped caring, I also get really distraught and I can't sleep if I don't finish/ resolve a conversation with someone. Because I'm stressing out over nothing all the time I find that I am talking to myself all the time and having crazy mood swings (despite the fact that I am on the pill to control this) and its not just a random coincidence everytime. This is beginning to affect my relationships with people because I am causing arguments because I think they are being a jerk but I realise now how pathetic I've been sounding but I still can't stop myself from trying to resolve the apparently non-exisent issues, and my ability to concentrate on the present. I also think stress is the reason for my physical ailments that occur when I feel stressed ( muscle spasms, lower abdominal pain etc). I also feel really upset over self image, both what people think of me and what I look like. I'm not sure if I should address any issues I am having with my doctor or if I just need to get over myself and stop making a big deal out of this too