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Re: I'm a guy and just really confused. Beware of sexual content. - June 4th 2014, 10:27 PM

Hey there,

Like the other posters have said, communication is the key. You mentioned that you've had feelings for this girl for a while. If you're interested in dating her, express this to her and see how she feels. Even if you're not interested in the dating route but continue to hang out with her, it may be a good idea to talk about things, especially if you continue to be sexually involved with her. Communicating will help you both understand what you both want and will help clear things up. Failing to talk about things could cause a lot of confusion, hurt feelings, and could change or ruin your friendship with her.

If you both continue to see each other, just take it slow. Most people are shy with new partners and it takes a while before they feel comfortable enough to trust going further. Just keep the communication open, don't rush things, and if either one of you is uncomfortable, stop and respect their decision.

Hopefully this helps a bit!
Take care. :]

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