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Re: I'm a guy and just really confused. Beware of sexual content. - June 7th 2014, 09:42 PM

It's not even something related to gender so I don't understand the 'I'm not a chick so I can't say' comment up there... in any case, it's just related to boundaries. Maybe she felt comfortable letting you touch her breasts but felt self-conscious about removing her shirt. People have different boundaries.

I think it was a good idea to let her tell you if she wanted you to stop, but in the future, it might be a better idea to ask before doing anything, so that if she feels like you'd be upset if you said no, she'll feel more at ease, and to discuss stuff. It may seem awkward to discuss things but it helps make sure you're both on the same page when you do anything sexual, and if you can't communicate with someone (this goes both ways) then you shouldn't be doing anything together.

As to whether you should talk to her about it or not, it depends. If you're romantically or sexually interested in her, you could try to approach the subject and talk to her honestly, ask her how she felt about what happened, etc. Don't be upset if she she's not interested in taking things further, sometimes people are just curious on that instant but after giving it some thought don't really want to do anything else, so if she says no and that she's not interested in you, respect her boundaries and just keep being friends. If she's interested, then communicating more about it to prevent any confusion in the future can really help.

Also, if you're not particularly interested in dating her or being friends with benefits, you don't have to talk about what happened if you think it would be uncomfortable for you or her, or you can let her know you're willing to discuss it but also respect it if she doesn't want to talk about it.