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Re: will it grow? - July 25th 2014, 04:01 PM

Welllllll... First of all, I find B and C are the "middle sizes", A is smaller and D or DD is bigger, and I don't think any size is better over the others. Like I am a DD and it makes it harder to get shirts to fit properly cause they'll be to tight (button ups are my worst nightmare!) but someone who is only an A will have the opposite problem at times because they'll end up not being able to fill out a top fully. But over all, a few shirts here and there are inconsequential, no biggie. Whether you have a small bust size or a big bust size they are what they are - men love them no matter how big, they can look good in your shirts no matter how big.

But to answer you question, yes, they can get bigger When I was in grade 10-11 I was a C (I am pretty sure, idk it was a long time ago), but when I started taking birth control I went up to a D and even when I stopped taking birth control they still stayed big. And then I gained weight AND my boobs also grew a little more at 18 so I was a DD, which was weird but nonetheless, when I lost weight my band size shrunk and so did a little cup size but the D wasn't the right fit so I just got a smaller band size in the DD... So yes, you can "grow" there and or multiple reasons but it may or may not stick as I know people who got bigger for similar reasons as myself (ex. BC, weight gain) and it didn't stay that way, I think if I didn't have those 2 factors I would only be a D today

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