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Re: A little awkward but... - July 31st 2014, 06:18 PM

If you can't do it yourself, how can you expect him to? The thing is with the majority of females is that we just struggle with achieving orgasm, especially compared to men, it's not difficult for them!

The other thing you need to remember is that bring sexual isn't all about reaching the end goal of an orgasm, it's about enjoying the ride. The more you focus on him making you orgasm, the less likely it is to happen. It's kind of just the way it is.

The first thing I would advise is for you to experiment with yourself. You need to know what you enjoy and what works for you before you can expect him to know. When you've realised what you enjoy, you can tell him and then he can try it with you.

Lastly, you're still 14, you don't need to be being sexual yet. If it's not working too well, or if you're just not into it then don't feel like you need to do it. You've got plenty of time to be sexual with someone, just enjoy being with them while you're young and have no responsibilities.