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Re: Confused With My Mind - July 31st 2014, 09:51 PM

Hi There!
Welcome to TeenHelp!
I think it is not unusual for some people to be very pensive. I am this way myself; I love thinking about things very critically and in depth.
I am sorry you are unsure what you want to do and that you cannot find your niche in the world with others or in terms of where you want to go but where you are now is a place many people are. There is a vast amount of opportunity and it takes a lot to decide what is best: college, trade/technical school, getting a job and making other choices. Many people get frustrated because what if what they choose sucks and is pathetic to those around them, what if they think they like some area and go to trade school and realize "oh crap, that is not for me" or what if they disappoint family or themselves by spending copious amounts of time/finance trying to plan and find where they fit in?
This is all normal and it does not point to you being weird or different in any way.
I really believe it would be best for you to talk to someone that can help you see the things you are really good at and that can help you gain a more positive outlook on things. This can be your parents, a guidance counselor, psychologist or other mental health professional. If you talk to a counselor or psychologist, they can help you with finding strategies you can use to organize your thoughts and figure out what you are good at.
You mentioned you like music and that is all you really know. That is a start: you are not completely lost. If you like music, there is a vast amount of things you can do: teaching, conducting, writing, performing, editing, DJ or many other things. Some will depend on if you are a people person and others will depend on other strengths: if you are not a people person maybe writing would be better than teaching or performing but if you like people, those options are available.
I hope this post is useful and that things improve for you soon.

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