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i got fired again :( - August 4th 2014, 04:40 AM

Okay, so First i get fired from my very first job right? and it was over apparently stealing skittles but i never stole them. if you want to know why, this is the thread have you ever been fired?

so after months of being depressed, i looked for a job and i finally found one on July 13th. it was at a fast food restaurant and at first i was confused because this wasn't at all what i was doing before which was selling stuff (retail) and i mean my manager put me on the register and i was kind of comfortable but i learned we had to do call outs to the cooks and i had to learn the call outs and me being me, it takes me a while to learn stuff so i was definitely confused with it. i was trying to balance everything at once. learning how to work the register and learning the callouts, finally when i learned the register, she just put me on making milkshakes and drinks which i got the gist of pretty quick. it was easy so i did that but there was a problem all the sudden. with me apparently. my co workers were pushing me around...practically bitching at me about every little thing. for example, i made a suggestion to pass out the drinks out first to walk ups like they do with the drive thru people because it's only fair to them, you know? and my co-worker was jus going ballistic about it, like it was absurd...and she was making excuses to not do it. there was no reason, not to do it. so then i was like whatever.

here's another example, when the customers say thank you, i always naturally say my pleasure...and my manger had scolded me for it, and im just like "whats wrong?" so then i was getting aggravated, another one was clocking in. for the first week, i was there, i would be told to come in 15 min early so i would come and clock in at 4:50 or something when my shift says 5 or whatever and nobody told me, that i shouldn't do that until one day, my co workers just randomly came up to me and started saying "why are you clocking in 10 min early? don't do that!!" and just screaming in my ear. even at my last job, they didn't mind i thought it was the same. they never once mentioned at both of my jobs that i can't clock in 10 min or 5 min early but they are just jumping in my shit even after i said "okay i got it"

so finally i got tired of it and told one of my bosses and told him that they were treating me like shit and they just keep bitching at me over little things. and so finally everyone respected me more...and then someone tried me except it was one of my managers and this is what happened...i was taking a customers order right? and my friend was helping me with learning the call outs and i accidently screwed up the call out and my friend was trying to correct me and he comes over and starts screaming in my ear how the call out isn't right and how i need to get it right and all this other bullshit and this is why the customer is still ordering too so that really ticked me off so i finally just threw the rag down after cleaning and when he asked why i was aggravated, i told him straight up. i told him not to yell in my ear like that while i'm trying to listen to a customer give their order, it's rude and he fell silent. i don't care if he's my manager, or if he's the CEO of the company. it's common sense not to do that.

finally, they left me alone. everything was fine. i did my job and it was hard because they kept cutting my hours. i felt like they weren't giving me any credit for the job, i was doing. i worked my hardest there. you have to go at a speed of like a zillion with 13 people in a tiny building. and on top of that, they would play mind games where they would tell me "oh, if you're mixing, there can't be any white showing" but when i do that, they go ahead and tell me it doesn't matter then go back to telling me it does.

it was just bullshit so i'll get back to the story,

finally, i decided, the job was too much and i was going to quit since i had a really high feeling i was going to get fired and 2 days before i get fired, i was working and i was doing a CC mint milkshake (chocolate chip) and i go and put the mint back in the container where it was suppose to be and all the sudden, it tips over and falls on the silver cover that covers the toppings to keep the flys away and falls on the floor and the tops break off and everyone is in shock, and im just okay whatever and finally, i go on the way home, where i go to my local gas station and get told i could apply and he gives me an application, so i fill it out the next day before i go into work....i walk in and my manager asks me what happened to the tops and i tell her what happened to them, they fell and broke off. and she was all like "that's just weird" and kind of laughing and stuff, so she begins to walk out the door. and im like about to go in for work and my other manager is like "i like keisha wants you, meris" (of course, letting me getting fired)

so i go out there and she was like we give you 30 days to work here to see how you do here and you've been here 2 and half weeks and it's just not working out so we're just gonna have to let you go and i was holding strong as best as i could...

i cried and cried....i mean....i wanted to leave but never did i wanted to get fired
what am i doing wrong?

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